Extraterrestrial Lighthouses to Harvard’s Avi Loeb & Company On Our Milky Way’s Supermassive Black Hole Image (The Galaxy Report)

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It was an epic week in the Cosmos: today’s stories range from How advanced civilizations could leave us a message of their presence to Time is not part of the fundamental structure of reality to Changes In the physics of the Universe killed off the dinosaurs, and much more. The Galaxy Report” brings you news of space and science that has the capacity to provide clues to the mystery of our existence and adds a much needed cosmic perspective in our current Anthropocene Epoch.

Earth’s Astronomers on the Significance of the First Image of Milky Way’s Supermassive Black Hole, reports Maxwell Moe for The Daily Galaxy. “Several of the world’s leading astronomers and scientists emailed their thoughts to The Daily Galaxy on the significance of the fist image by the Event Horizon Collaboration of our Galaxy’s supermassive black hole. Their comments validate Albert Einstein’s observation that “the scientific imagination is a preview of coming attractions.”

We Were Here –How advanced civilizations could leave us a message of their presence. reports Sean Raymond and Matt Clement for Nautilus. “There’s a way aliens might make their mark stick. In a new paper on “SETI beacons” the authors show how advanced civilizations could leave an unmistakable trace of their presence using entire exoplanet systems. It’s forthcoming in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (and available on arXiv).

Time is not part of the fundamental structure of reality, reports Annaka Harris for Nautilus.com. “The more closely we observe the present moment, the more amorphous it becomes. “I think the flow of time is not part of the fundamental structure of reality,” theoretical physicist Carlo Rovelli says. He is currently working on a theory of quantum gravity in which the variable of time plays no part.” 

A Change In The Physics Of The Universe Killed Off The Dinosaurs, reports iFL Science–“In a paper published on pre-print server Arxiv titled “Is the Hubble crisis connected with the extinction of dinosaurs?”, Leandros Perivolaropoulos suggests that a 10 percent increase in the strength of gravity took place over 100 million years, ending 50 million years ago.”


How can humans live on Saturn’s moons? –-What will it take for humans to settle Saturn’s moons someday? asks Interesting Engineering.

Was there an intelligent civilization before humans existed?-Was there an intelligent, technologically advanced species long before humans existed? Could there have been a dinosaur civilization? asks Big Think.

What’s next for Event Horizon Telescope after its black hole pictures? –Now that the Event Horizon Telescope collaboration has released its image of the Milky Way’s black hole, the team is focusing on making movies of the two photographed black holes and finding other distant black holes large enough to study, reports New Scientist.

NASA Spacecraft Will Visit Apophis, Once Earth’s Deadliest Asteroid Threat –-After delivering extraterrestrial samples to Earth in 2023, OSIRIS-REx will embark on an extended mission to a potentially planet-threatening space rock, reports Scientific American.

Have we been measuring the expansion of the universe wrong all along? –For decades, measurements of the universe’s expansion have suggested a discrepancy known as the Hubble tension, which threatens to transform cosmology. But a new method suggests the tension may not exist after all, reports New Scientist.

Why astronomers are blasting Earth’s location to potential intelligent aliens –Despite warnings from scientists like Stephen Hawking, some astronomers are sending informative signals deep into space, reports Popular Science.

Stanford’s Futuristic Gravity Telescope Could Image Exoplanets – 1,000x More Powerful Than Current Technology, reports SciTechDaily. “By taking advantage of gravity’s warping effect on space-time, called gravitational lensing, scientists could potentially manipulate this phenomenon to create imaging far more advanced than any currently available.”

Doctor Strange and the Multiverse in Science –-The multiverse of pop culture owes its existence to a testable scientific hypothesis, reports Paul Sutter for Nautilus. 

A total lunar eclipse will turn the moon red. Here’s how to watch, reports WQOW. “A partial eclipse will begin at 10:27 p.m. ET Sunday, with the total lunar eclipse starting at 11:29 p.m. ET, according to EarthSky. The total eclipse will end at 12:53 a.m. ET Monday, and the partial eclipse will end at 1:55 a.m. ET Monday, the site said. 

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