True Meaning of Einstein’s E=mc² to Neanderthals and Modern Humans Shared the Same Cave (Planet Earth Report)

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Today’s stories range from True Meaning of Einstein’s E=mc² to Google Earth for the Human Body to the Search for a Cosmic Universal Biology, and much more. The “Planet Earth Report” provides descriptive links to headline news by leading science journalists about the extraordinary discoveries, technology, people, and events changing our knowledge of Planet Earth and the future of the human species.

Search for Life As We Don’t Know It –“We want to have new tools for identifying and even predicting features of life as we don’t know it,” says co-author Sara Imari Walker of Arizona State University. “To do so, we are aiming to identify the universal laws that should apply to any biochemical system. This includes developing quantitative theory for the origins of life, and using theory and statistics to guide our search for life on other planets.”

“Unlocking the Universe’s Secrets” –Astronomers and Nobel-Prize Laureates Share Their Hopes and Expectations About the James Webb Space Telescope. “As the James Webb Space Telescope begins its month-long voyage to LaGrange Point 2, several of the planet’s leading astronomers and scientists have shared their expectations and hopes for this epoch event in human history with The Daily Galaxy.”

Drawing up a ‘Google Earth’ of the human body-– Scientists are seeing the human body in a new light, thanks to a unique synchrotron-imaging technique, reports Physics World.

21 Ways COVID Changed the World –“In the spring of 2020 a cartoon showed a city perched on a tiny island, surrounded by ocean. A speech bubble emerged from the skyline: “Be sure to wash your hands and all will be well.” Not far out at sea, a giant wave labeled “COVID-19” was about to crash over the city. Behind it was an even bigger wave marked “recession.” And beyond that one was a tower of water that threatened to swallow it all: “climate change”, reports Jen Schwartz |for Scientific American

Neanderthals and Modern Humans Agreed About One Thing: This Cave –A new paper suggests Neanderthals and Homo sapiens alternately settled the same shelter more than 50,000 years ago, reports Sabrina Imbler for the New York Times.

The myths and reality of modern friendship, reports BBC Future –“Over the past couple of years, digital connection has mattered more than ever, writes the philosopher Rebecca Roache. So, how is the nature of friendship changing?”

Will the James Webb Space Telescope Reveal Unknown, Hidden Objects at the Milky Way’s Center? asks The Daily Galaxy –“NASA’s recently launched James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), designed to view the universe in infrared light, which is invisible to the human eye, but is very important for looking at astronomical objects hidden from our view, obscured by vast swaths of interstellar dust at the galactic center in unprecedented detail.”


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The US military plans to extend its space awareness capabilities beyond geostationary orbit, all the way to the farside of the Moon. “This week, the US Air Force Research Laboratory released a video on YouTube that didn’t get much attention. But it made an announcement that is fairly significant—the US military plans to extend its space awareness capabilities beyond geostationary orbit, all the way to the Moon,” reports Ars Technica.

Columbia University astrophysicist Caleb Scharf  joins John Michael Godier (below) to discuss how our data, and data from other intelligent civilizations — known as the dataome– is alive.



The true meaning of Einstein’s most famous equation: E=mc²–More than any other of Einstein’s equations, E = mc² is the most recognizable to people. But what does it all mean? reports Ethan Siegel for Big Think–“As it turns out, there are actually three big meanings attached to it: for turning energy into mass and mass back into energy and more. The big takeaway is this, however: mass is not conserved on its own, and that the act of extracting energy from mass is vital to the Universe as a whole.”

The Ultimate Mystery — “Consciousness is Like Space-time Before Einstein’s Theory of Relativity”–““Is it possible that consciousness may exist by itself, even in the absence of matter, just like gravitational waves, excitations of space, may exist in the absence of protons and electrons?” asks Andrei Linde, Russian-American theoretical physicist and the Harald Trap Friis Professor of Physics at Stanford University,” reports The Daily Galaxy.

Physicists Create Bizarre Quantum ‘Domain Walls’ reports Ashley Hamer for –“Strange ‘domain walls’ act like independent quantum object in the new experiment.”

Best Alien Habitat? Former astronaut Chris Hadfield, with nearly 5000 known exoplanets to choose from, names Kepler-442b, 1200 light years from Earth, as an “excellent” one for the James Webb Space Telescope to have a look at:, reports Mind Matters.

Ants Use Algorithms –Optimization algorithms enable the ant colony to decide how many ants to send to a given food source and when to drastically reduce the number, reports Mind Matters. “Scientists found that ants and other natural systems use optimization algorithms similar to those used by engineered systems, including the Internet.”

Einstein and Why the Block Universe Is a Mistake, reports Dean Buonomano, author of the book Your Brain Is a Time Machine: The Neuroscience and Physics of Time for iAi News.. “According to how physicists and philosophers interpret Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, the present isn’t at all special. The past and the future are just as real as the present – they all coexist and you could, theoretically, travel to them. But, argues Dean Buonomano, this interpretation of Einstein’s theory might have more to do with the way our brains evolved to think of time in a similar way to space, than with the nature of time.”

Scientists discover molecule that kills pancreatic cancer cells, reports  Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center. “The molecule, MMRi62, targets iron metabolism to kill cancer cells and the harmful proteins that encourage their growth and spread, suggesting that further development and refinement of this compound could lead to a new type of pancreatic cancer therapy.” 

Station Crew Works on Space Biology and Spacesuits, reports NASA –“A host of life science experiments is underway today as the Expedition 66 crew explores how living in space affects the human body. The International Space Station is also gearing up this month for a pair of spacewalks to upgrade its power systems.”

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