Mind-Bending New Multiverse Theory to Dark-Matter Asteroids of the Milky Way (The Galaxy Report)


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“The Galaxy Report” brings you news of space and science that has the capacity to provide clues to the mystery of our existence and adds a much needed cosmic perspective in our current Anthropocene Epoch.


Astronomers Detect First Rogue Black Hole Wandering the Milky Way -“If confirmed, it’s the first isolated stellar-mass black hole ever found, reports Phil Plait for Bad Astronomy. “The black hole doesn’t have a name per se, but the event that triggered its discovery is called MOA-2011-BLG-191/OGLE-2011-BLG-0462. If confirmed, it has a mass of roughly 7 times that of the Sun and is a little over 5,000 light years away.”

An Electrifying View of the Heart of the Milky Way –A new radio-wave image of the center of our galaxy reveals all the forms of frenzy that a hundred million or so stars can get up to, reports The New York Times.

Mind-Bending New Multiverse Scenario Could Explain a Strange Higgs Boson Feature, reports ScienceAlert –“An enigma of the Higgs Boson can be resolved if, at the time of the Big Bang, the Universe consisted of many universes.

“Unlocking the Universe’s Secrets” –Leading astronomers share their expectations and hopes about the James Webb Space Telescope.

Astronomers set up center to counter threat of satellite swarms –IAU office will study impacts of bright satellite trails and lobby for laws to mitigate them, reports Science.

Dark-Matter Asteroids  – “Trillions of Trillions May Exist in the Milky Way”–Dark-matter asteroids zooming through space could potentially outnumber the stars in our Milky Way Galaxy by more than a trillion to one, reports Maxwell Moe for The Daily Galaxy.

Biggest comet from outer solar system ever seen is 137 kilometers wide –Astronomers have calculated the size of a ‘mega comet’ originating in the Oort Cloud, a cluster of icy bodies that surrounds our solar system, reports New Scientist.

There is no empirical, scientific evidence for the Multiverse –In scientific theories, the Multiverse appears as a bug rather than as a feature. We should squash it, reports Big Think.

ESA: Mind-Blowing  Mission to the Early Universe


Major African radio telescope will help to image black holes US$25-million facility in Namibia will be Africa’s first millimeter-range radio telescope, reports Nature.

Observing more disk galaxies than theory allows, reports the University of Bonn 

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