Why are NASA Spaceships Exploring Earth’s Deepest Oceans to Is Reality a Wavefunction? (Planet Earth Report)


Earth from Space


Our Pale Blue Dot has produced a wealth of fascinating new stories the past few days –from when Earth had two moons to a major discovery in Antarctica’s seas.


Why are NASA Spaceships Exploring the Deepest Oceans on Earth –“Could our understanding of the deep ocean help unlock the mysteries of outer space? Nasa’s space mission is leading us to unexplored depths of our own planet. Our oceans cover more than 70% of the Earth’s surface, but over 80% of them remain unexplored. In fact, it is often claimed that we know more about the surface of Mars and the Moon than about the ocean floor on our own planet.” reports BBC Future.

Harvard Astronomers on the ‘Detective Story’ of a 1,000-Light-Year-Wide Bubble Surrounding Earth –“This is really an origin story; for the first time we can explain how all nearby star formation began,” says astronomer and data visualization expert Catherine Zucker a NASA Hubble Fellow at the Harvard Center for Astrophysics and Space Science Institute about the discovery that Earth sits in a 1,000-light-year-wide void surrounded by thousands of young stars,” reports Maxwell Moe for The Daily Galaxy.

How the Tonga volcano generated a shock wave around the world –The eruption of Hunga Tonga was among the most spectacular displays caught on weather satellite, reports The Washington Post.

When the Earth Had Two Moons –A new model—“The Big Splat”—explains the strange asymmetry of the moon., reports Corey S. Powell for Nautilus.

A Holocaust Survivor’s Hardboiled Science Fiction –Though he rarely discussed them, Stanisław Lem’s experiences in wartime Poland weighed on him and affected his stories, writes Caleb Crain for The New Yorker.

Richard Leakey’s Legacy in Science, Conservation and Politics–The famed paleoanthropologist explored humankind’s origins and worked to safeguard a future for humans and wildlife alike in Kenya and beyond, reports Scientific American.

 The Anomaly by Hervé Le Tellier sold a million copies and won the Prix Goncourt in its original French-language edition. Now translated, it is an ingenious sci-fi thriller about an Air France flight that enters a storm and is changed forever.

Astrophysicist Reflects on Implications of Contact with an Advanced Civilization –“If the Perseverance rover finds evidence for microbes on Mars, our self-esteem will not be affected since it is obvious that we are more intelligent than they are. But if the rover will bump into the wreckage of a spacecraft far more advanced than we ever produced, our ego will be challenged,” reports The Daily Galaxy.

What’s Holding Up New Omicron Vaccines? –Vaccine makers worry yet another variant will start dominating in the months it takes to roll out shots against this one, reports Charles Schmidt for Scientific American.

The Hunt for Milky Seas -Can Moby-Dick help us find one of Earth’s rarest large-scale natural wonders? reports Dr. Rebecca R. Helm for Nautilus.

Is Reality a Wavefunction? “Wavefunction realism interprets the world as a wave that’s spread out over configuration space. Perhaps the wave function is all there is, argues Alyssa Ney, Professor of Philosophy, department of philosophy at University of California, Davis, and author of The World in the Wave Function: A Metaphysics for Quantum Physics, for ia1 TV

Quantum particles can feel the influence of gravitational fields they never touch –“If you’re superstitious, a black cat in your path is bad luck, even if you keep your distance. Likewise, in quantum physics, particles can feel the influence of magnetic fields that they never come into direct contact with. Now scientists have shown that this eerie quantum effect holds not just for magnetic fields, but for gravity too — and it’s no superstition,” reports Emily Conover for Science News,

The puzzle of America’s record Covid hospital rate–“Even as the Omicron variant sweeps around the world, public health officials have noted that, in most cases, the number of Covid patients in hospitals remains significantly lower than during previous pandemic surges. That’s not the case in the US, however, where the number of patients with the coronavirus currently in hospital has reached record numbers,” reports BBC News.

The Worrisome Rise of NFTs. An astrobiologist says non-fungible tokens do not bode well for our species’s future reports Caleb Scharf for Nautilus.

‘Major Discovery’ Beneath Antarctic Seas: A Giant Icefish Breeding Colony –Scientists discovered a mammoth nesting ground with an estimated 60 million icefish nests in the Weddell Sea, reports The New York Times.

The Attack of Zombie Science –-They look like scientific papers. But they’re distorting and killing science, reports Nautilus.

How European Royals Once Shared Their Most Important Secrets –Recent research highlights the use of letterlocking techniques by Queen Elizabeth, Catherine de’ Medici and Mary Queen of Scots.

A Naturalist Stumbled on an Ichthyosaur Skeleton, the Largest in U.K. History –The fossilized remains of the marine reptile, often referred to as a “sea dragon” and believed to be 180 million years old, were discovered at a nature reserve, reports the New York Times.

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