The Galaxy Report –“Unexplained Glow In Deep Space to Antarctica Signal of a Parallel Universe?”

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“The Galaxy Report” provides descriptive links to headline news by leading science journalists about the extraordinary discoveries, technology, people, and events changing our knowledge of the Universe, planet Earth, and the future of the human species.


The Daily Galaxy is a great place to get your regular fix of everything cosmic and mind bending, with a little dose of controversy on the side.” –Dan Hooper, author of At the Edge of Time, and Senior Scientist and Head of the Theoretical Astrophysics Group at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and associate professor, University of Chicago.

Scientists Have Detected an Unexplained Glow In the Dark of Deep Space, reports Vice Science–The New Horizons spacecraft sailed past Pluto to the outer edge of the Solar System and found a cosmic afterglow that scientists can’t explain. What is it?

Outer Space Just Got a Little Brighter, reports Dennis Overbye for The New York Times. The universe is not as black as astronomers once thought. “There’s something out there unknown,” said Tod Lauer, of the National Optical-Infrared Astronomy Research Laboratory in Tucson, Ariz. “The universe is not completely dark, and we don’t yet completely know what it comprises.”

The Search for Dark-Matter Planets & Massive Structures –Physicists are contemplating a broader spectrum of possibilities, some approaching science fiction –ranging from the invisible matter clumping into black holes as heavy as stars to dark matter that could spread out in a fine mist of particles thousands of trillions of trillions of times lighter than electrons to dark matter particles the size of galaxies.

It’s Random. How Neutral Theory Altered Ideas About Biodiversity–The simple insight that most changes are random had a profound effect on genetics, evolution and ecology, reports Quanta.

A New Study Finds That the Human Brain and the Universe Look Weirdly Similar –An astrophysicist and a neurosurgeon teamed up to compare two of the most complex systems in nature, reports Motherboard Science.

Did the universe’s creator hide a message in the cosmos? Why a physicist is looking for that message, reports Live Science. Did the creator of the universe leave a hidden message in the cosmos for intelligent life? If so, scientists have yet to find it.

Divers Discover Nazi Enigma Machine Thrown Into the Baltic Sea During WWII –German forces used the device—likely cast into the water to avoid falling into Allied hands—to encode military messages, reports The Smithsonian.

Our Sun Has Entered a New Cycle, And It Could Be One of The Strongest Ever Recorded, reports Science Alert. This is in direct contradiction to the official solar weather forecast from NASA and the NOAA, but if it bears out, it could confirm a theory about solar activity cycles that scientists have been working on for years.

Five Scientists on the Heroes Who Changed Their Lives— the inspiring people—none named Einstein—who helped these scientists find their calling, reports

Epic time-lapse shows what the Milky Way will look like 400,000 years from now, reports Live Science. –The night sky will appear completely different half a million years from now. Researchers figured out what it’ll look like.

Are strange space signals in Antarctica evidence of a parallel universe? –Odd detections at the South Pole have so far defied explanation, inviting theories beyond conventional physics, reports Last spring, a report from the world’s largest neutrino telescope — a sprawling grid of detectors woven into Antarctica’s ice — coincided with a blaze of hyperbolic headlines. They teased the possibility of an anti-universe where, from our point of view, time runs backward and the Big Bang represents an end, not a beginning. While it’s too soon to start searching for our reverse-aging, other-handed doppelgängers, physicists are still wrestling with strange signals coming in from space that, to date, have defied easy explanation.

Artificial Intelligence Is Now Shockingly Good At Sounding Human –What happens when we can not hear the difference between person and machine? asks Scientific American.

Is the Pandemic Spurring a Robot Revolution?, asks Singularity Hub.

Retired Israeli General Claims Aliens Exist & United States Made Contact Years Ago, reports Neurologica.

Human-Made Stuff Now Outweighs All Life on Earth –The sheer scale of buildings, infrastructure and other anthropogenic objects underscores our impact on the planet, reports Scientific American.

The U.S. Risks Locking In a Climate Health Crisis in Response to COVID –So far, the bulk of energy-related economic relief has gone to the fossil fuel industry, reports Scientific American.