“Spacetime is Emerging from Some Deeper Reality” –Stephen Hawking’s Paradox (2020 Most Viewed)

Black Hole


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It has been said that Newton gave us answers; Stephen Hawking gave us questions. A trio of scientists are one step closer to resolving the black-hole information paradox, one of the most intriguing physics mysteries of our time.

“That is the most exciting thing that has happened in this subject, I think, since Hawking,” said one of the co-authors, Donald Marolf of the University of California, Santa Barbara.

“It’s from that mysterious area — where relativity and quantum mechanics don’t quite mesh, that the question of what happens to information in a black hole emerges,” says ” says researcher Henry Maxfield at the University of California, Santa Barbara in calculating the quantum information content of a black hole and its radiation.

“Spacetime seems to fall apart at a black hole, implying that space-time is not the root level of reality as suggested by the famous paradox that Stephen Hawking first described five decades ago, but emerges from something deeper,” observes George Musser, author of Spooky Action at a Distance.

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