The Cosmologist Who Dreams of Dark Matter to The Uncharted Pandemic (Planet Earth Report)

Earth from the ISS


Planet Earth Report” provides descriptive links to headline news by leading science journalists about the extraordinary discoveries, technology, people, and events changing our knowledge of Planet Earth and the future of the human species.


China set to retrieve first Moon rocks in 40 years, reports Nature –Chang’e-5 has just one lunar day to collect lunar material from a previously unexplored region of the Moon’s near side.

“Someone is Looking Back at Us” –Three-Hundred-Million Earth-Like Worlds of the Milky Way

The Supervolcano Under Yellowstone Is Alive and Kicking, reports Shannon Hall for –Around 10,000 geothermal features in Yellowstone hint at a mysterious hot spot beneath the crust.

“2068” –Massive Asteroid Apophis on Path for Earth Impact

We Never Know Exactly Where We’re Going in Outer Space, observes Caleb Scharf for –Adventures in space travel remind us how imprecisely we measure reality.

NASA finally makes contact with Voyager 2 after longest radio silence in 30 years, reports Live Science.

Mysterious radio signal spotted in Milky Way for first time –Three new studies trace the burst to a bizarre “magnetic star”—and help solve a major astronomical puzzle, reports National Geographic.

Should astronauts abandon the space station? asks BBC Future.–This month, the International Space Station marks 20 years of constant human habitation. But should astronauts now hang up their spacesuits and leave space exploration to robots?

Descendants of an Election Day massacre reflect 100 years later –In 1920, a mob burned a Black community in Ocoee, Florida, because an African American man tried to vote. Today their families are still fighting for voter rights, reports National Geographic.

A Dreadful New Peak for the American Pandemic –-The country recorded more than 100,000 coronavirus cases today—the highest single-day total since the pandemic began, reports The Atlantic.

Today the US left the Paris climate agreement –What’s next now that the US has left the Paris climate deal, intriguing hints that infection is linked to Alzheimer’s disease and the WHO’s halting efforts to find the origin of the coronavirus in China, reports Nature.

The Cosmologist Who Dreams in the Universe’s Dark Threads –-Cora Dvorkin discovered new possibilities for what dark matter could be. Now she’s devising unorthodox ways to identify it, reports Rebecca Boyle for Quanta. As a young girl in Argentina, Dvorkin read Stephen Hawking and fixated on the grandest questions humans can ask ourselves. She moved to the U.S. to attend graduate school at the University of Chicago. Now a theoretical cosmologist at Harvard University, Dvorkin comes up with new ways to ask those grand questions and then tries to find the answers. For her, cosmology is like philosophy, but with data.

Are infections seeding some cases of Alzheimer’s disease? –A fringe theory links microbes in the brain with the onset of dementia. Now, researchers are taking it seriously, reports Nature.

The traditions that could save a nation’s forests –Indigenous communities evicted from their ancestral forest lands in Kenya have plans to restore peace and biodiversity to their homelands, reports BBC Future.

Rising sea levels will affect coasts and human societies in complex and unpredictable ways, according to a new study that examined 12,000 years in which a large island became a cluster of smaller ones. Researchers reconstructed sea-level rise to produce maps of coastal changes at thousand-year intervals and found that today’s Isles of Scilly, off the UK’s south-west coast, emerged from a single island that only became the current configuration of more than 140 islands less than 1,000 years ago.

The Pandemic Is in Uncharted Territory –The fall surge is rewriting the coronavirus record books across America. And the numbers are still climbing.

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