The Gravity Hypothesis to Undiscovered Alien-Technology Channels (Planet Earth Report)

Earth from the ISS


“Planet Earth Report” provides descriptive links to headline news by leading science journalists about the extraordinary discoveries, technology, people, and events changing our knowledge of Planet Earth and the future of the human species.


One of quantum physics’ greatest paradoxes may have lost its leading explanation, reports Science.–The gravity hypothesis traces its origins to Hungarian physicists Károlyházy Frigyes in the 1960s and Lajos Diósi in the 1980s. The basic idea is that the gravitational field of any object stands outside quantum theory. It resists being placed into awkward combinations, or “superpositions,” of different states. So if a particle is made to be both here and there, its gravitational field tries to do the same—but the field cannot endure the tension for long; it collapses and takes the particle with it.

The fuzzy law that could break the idea of a mathematical universe, reports New Scientist. –The discovery that a fundamental law of physics cannot be precisely defined challenges the ability of mathematics as we know it to describe reality completely

Experts Say Humans Are Living in an ‘Age of Pandemics’—and COVID Won’t Be the Last, reports Vice, Anthony Fauci, one of the world’s leading experts on infectious diseases, predicts that widespread outbreaks will accelerate over the coming years as populations grow, societies expand and deforestation increases.

The Notre-Dame Crypt Opens for First Time Since the Fire, reports the Smithsonian. –To mark the occasion, a new exhibition in the area under the cathedral’s courtyard honors novelist Victor Hugo and architect Eugène Viollet-le-Duc.

Antarctica’s colossal Thwaites Glacier is melting fast — and scientists may have discovered why, reports CNN.

Scientists React​ to Halt of Leading Coronavirus Vaccine Trial, reports Scientific American. –Scientists urge caution in the global vaccine race as AstraZeneca reports an ‘adverse event’ in a person who received the Oxford vaccine

Want to Talk to Aliens? Try Changing the Technological Channel beyond Radio, reports Scientific American. Finding cosmic civilizations might require a more innovative approach than listening for radio transmissions.

The moon really may have strange effects on our health, reports New Scientist. –Any lunar influence on our health has long been dismissed as unscientific. But new evidence means it may be time to re-evaluate the moon’s subtle effects on our sleep and mental health.

Finding Extraterrestrial Life Might Unify the Human Species


3,200-megapixel camera of the future Vera Rubin Observatory snaps record-breaking 1st photos –The resolution is so good that a golf ball would be visible from 15 miles (25 kilometers) away, reports

North Korean hackers steal billions in cryptocurrency. How do they turn it into real cash? asks the MIT Technology Review, For Pyongyang’s hackers, the heist is the easy part. Actually getting their hands on the money is a different story.

Did You Fly a Jetpack Over Los Angeles This Weekend? Because the FBI Is Looking for You, reports Gizmodo. –“Did you fly a jetpack over Los Angeles at approximately 3,000 feet on Sunday? Some kind of tiny helicopter? Maybe a lawn chair with balloons tied to it? If the answer to any of the above questions is ‘yes,’ you should probably lay low for a while (by which I mean cool it on the single-occupant flying machine). That’s because passing airline pilots spotted you, and now it’s this whole thing with the FBI and the Federal Aviation Administration, both of which are investigating.”

China’s Secret Spacecraft Looks To Have Landed At This Remote Base With A Massive Runway, reports The Drive. –The craft, which is thought to be a spaceplane designed to land on a traditional runway, also appears to have launched a small payload into orbit.

America Is Trapped in a Pandemic Spiral, reports The Atlantic, As the U.S. heads toward the winter, the country is going round in circles, making the same conceptual errors that have plagued it since spring.

Oxford Scientists: These Are Final Steps We’re Taking to Get Our Coronavirus Vaccine Approved, reports Singularity Hub. –The purpose of a phase three trial is to assess whether this vaccine-induced immune response is strong enough to actually protect people from Covid-19. Proving this would pave the way for the vaccine to become publicly available.

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