The Real Killers in 1918 Flu Pandemic to the Dinosaur Predator (Planet Earth Report)


Planet Earth Report --"Herod's Flu to What Life Will Look Like in 2022"


“Planet Earth Report” provides descriptive links to headline news by leading science journalists about the extraordinary discoveries, technology, people, and events changing our knowledge of Planet Earth and the future of the human species.


A Broken Cable Has Wrecked One of Earth’s Largest Radio Telescopes, reports Motherboard Science. The cable tore a 100-foot hole in the gargantuan dish in Puerto Rico, which was featured in Carl Sagan’s novel ‘Contact’ and the James Bond film ‘GoldenEye.’

Bacteria were the real killers in 1918 flu pandemic, reports New Scientist. Medical and scientific experts now agree that bacteria, not influenza viruses, were the greatest cause of death during the 1918 flu pandemic. Government efforts to gird for the next influenza pandemic – bird flu or otherwise – ought to take notice and stock up on antibiotics, says John Brundage, a medical microbiologist at the Armed Forces Health Surveillance Center in Silver Spring, Maryland.

The pandemic will make movies and TV shows look like nothing we’ve seen before, reports The Washington Post. No crowd scenes. Few locations. Limited romance. Hollywood entertainment is about to get really strange.

Greenland ice sheet claims life of renowned climate scientist, reports CBS News. The climate science community is mourning the loss of a pioneering climate scientist and glaciologist, Konrad Steffen. Koni, as he was known to his friends and colleagues, apparently fell to his death in a deep opening in the ice called a crevasse on Saturday while doing research in Western Greenland.

‘Terror Crocodile’ the Size of a Bus Fed on Dinosaurs, Study Says, reports the New York Times.The monster animal, more closely related to American alligators than modern crocodiles, had teeth the size of bananas and a strange enlarged snout.

Lasers Made of ‘Spacetime Wave Packets’ Are Breaking the Normal Rules of Light. Reports Motherboard Science. “Turns out, pretty much everything we know in optics is out of the window.”

The Doctor From Nazi Germany and the Search for Life on Mars, reports TheNew York Times. Astrobiologists have used Mars Jars for decades. Many didn’t know about the controversial Air Force scientist who started them.

“Lyfe”–a new word for aliens that takes a leaf out of life, reports The Guardian. Scientists claim that if we ever find extraterrestrial life, it may be so unrecognizable that it needs a new term. But lyfe is not as alien as it looks.

Google Earth users find unusually shaped object off the coast of Antarctica, reports Yahoo News.

‘Zombie’ Microbes Redefine Life’s Energy Limits, reports Quanta. –A new model shows that the denizens of a vast, ancient biome beneath the seafloor use barely enough energy to stay alive — and broadens understanding of what life can look like.

Could We Force the Universe to Crash? Asks astrophysicist Caleb Scharf for Scientific American. If we’re all living in a simulation, as some have suggested, it would be a good, albeit risky, way to find out for sure,

Mitochondria May Hold Keys to Anxiety and Mental Health--reports Quanta. Research hints that the energy-generating organelles of cells may play a surprisingly pivotal role in mediating anxiety and depression.

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