The Galaxy Insight –”An Accident More Complex than the Cosmos”

The Galaxy Insight --”An Accident More Complex than the Cosmos”


“Consider all the inanimate matter in the universe, all the dumb atoms, all the mindless molecules, all the oblivious dust grains and pebbles and rocks and iceballs and worlds and stars, all the unthinking galaxies and superclusters, wheeling through the oblivious time-haunted megaparsecs of the cosmic supervoid.

“In all that immensity, she had somehow contrived to BE a human being, a microscopically tiny, cosmically insignificant bundle of information-processing systems, wired to a mind more structurally complex than the Milky Way itself, maybe even more complex than the rest of the whole damned universe.”

–Alastair Reynolds, Blue Remembered Earth –the novel is the first of the Poseidon’s Children trilogy, which follows humanity’s development over many centuries. A former astrophysicist, Reynolds, the author of 16 novels, transitioned from studying pulsars and binary stars to writing “hard-science” fiction.

Editor’s Note: “Science fiction isn’t dead, it’s just not fiction anymore.”

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