The Race to Contact ET to Coronavirus a Deity in India (Planet Earth Report)


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“Planet Earth Report” provides descriptive links to headline news by leading science journalists about the extraordinary discoveries, technology, people, and events changing our knowledge of Planet Earth and the future of the human species.


The Mystery of Göbekli Tepe –A New Chapter in History –Archaeologists believed that construction of megalithic monuments were beyond the capabilities of hunter-gatherers until they discovered Göbekli Tepe, a 12,000 year old site in Turkey. Is it proof of a lost civilization, or is there another answer?

Fossil Footprints Help Uncover the Mysteries of Bipedal Crocodiles –Ancient tracks reveal a previously unknown creature from the Age of Dinosaurs—answering one question but raising more, reports Scientific American.

Ready, SETI, go: Is there a race to contact E.T.? Researchers using China’s new Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope (FAST), the largest single-dish scope in the world, are piecing together a technological strategy to carry out a major and sweeping search for extraterrestrial intelligence. What if China someday announces that this hunt has been successful? How would such a claim be verified, and what might the consequences be? And could an unofficial international SETI race already be underway? asks


ET Arrival



Cosmic Enigmas at South Pole –“Long-Sought ‘Dark Matter’ or Unknown Frontier of Astrophysics?” In 2018 a team of physicists linked to the massive IceCube Observatory detector buried under the South Pole, and to a command center at Penn State University, advanced satellites, and several land-based observatories, pinpointed the first known cosmic source of a neutrino, a ghost-like particle that passes through virtually all matter on Earth. It’s estimated that each second there are about 100 billion neutrinos passing through your body.

Scientists create mini-supernova shock waves on Earth –Researchers have created a miniature version of supernova shock waves in a lab here on Earth to solve a long-standing cosmic mystery, reports Live Science.

The Biggest Psychological Experiment in History Is Running Now –What can the pandemic teach us about how people respond to adversity? asks Scientific American.

Thousands of Scientists Are Striking for Black Lives Matters –Thousands of scientists and institutions such as Nature, the American Physical Society, and arXiv are striking or shutting down today in support of protests and to advocate for a more inclusive STEM community,” reports Becky Ferreira for Motherboard/Vice.

Cosmology’s Next Big Ideas –Physicist Alan Guth, the father of cosmic inflation theory, describes emerging ideas about where our universe comes from, what else is out there, and what caused it to exist in the first place. For physicist and cosmologist Alan Guth, one big question about the big bang remains: “What was it that banged?”

13 significant protests that changed the course of history –Historically significant political protests include a decisive event in the Civil Rights movement, two history-changing moments that occurred within one year and the medieval defiance of one man. We added to the list some recent protests that could change history, including the George Floyd protests against police brutality and systemic racism, and the Women’s March on Washington, reports Live Science.

Coronavirus is Now a Deity in Many Indian Villages, Being Worshipped with Flowers and Sweets, reports Microsoft News. Coronavirus, which is believed to have originated in China’s Wuhan and has thrown the entire world out of gear, is now a goddess in India. ‘Corona Mai’ is being worshiped in parts of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand and Assam.

Why History Urges Caution on Coronavirus Immunity Testing –Snorting powdered smallpox scabs and jumping into the beds of those freshly dead from yellow fever. Humanity has gone to extreme lengths in search of immunity before, reports Scientific American.

$1 Million Buried Treasure Found After 10-Year Hunt in Rocky Mountains. Forrest Fenn’s famous treasure hunt is finally over after an anonymous person has solved the clues hidden in a poem, reports Motherboard Science.

Why Are There So Many Humans? — Today the total population of gorillas, chimpanzees, bonobos, and orangutans is estimated to be only around 500,000, according to the World Wildlife Fund. Many species are critically endangered. Meanwhile, the human population has surged to 7.7 billion. And the irony is: Our astonishing ability to multiply now threatens the long-term sustainability of many species, including ours.

Someone Mysteriously Paid $2.5M to Send $133 in Cryptocurrency –Was it simply a catastrophically expensive mistake, or something more nefarious? The mining pool is holding on to the fee in case the sender speaks up, reports Motherboard Vice.

Nazi diary reveals secret location of WWII treasure under a palace in Poland –The long-buried stash is thought to be worth billions of dollars, reports Live Science.

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