Antarctica’s Mystery Signal from Another Universe to Blobs at Earth’s Core Larger than Thought (Planet Earth Report)

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Mysterious Signal from ‘Another Universe’ Detected in Antarctica –A series of viral articles claimed that NASA had discovered particles from another parallel universe in which time runs backward, reports Live Science. These claims were incorrect. The true story is far more exciting and strange, involving a journey into the Big Bang and out the other side. If that’s the case, and a series of other extremely unlikely and outlandish hypotheses turn out to be true, the paper argued, then that in turn could explain a mysterious signal hinting that a completely new particle is flying out of the ice in Antarctica.

Scientists find huge ring of ancient shafts near Stonehenge –Archaeologists said Monday June 22, 2020, they have discovered a major new prehistoric monument under the earth near Stonehenge that could shed new light on the origins of the mystic stone circle that is the subject of continued scientific research and venue for modern day pagan celebrations.

Exo-Civilizations –“It’s Time to Take the Existence of Aliens Seriously” –Two of our planet’s leading astrophysicists say it’s time to get serious about aliens: Adam Frank of the University of Rochester and Andrew Siemion, director of the U of California Berkeley SETI Research Center, who wrote in an email that “I suspect there are other intelligent civilizations in the Milky Way – we just need to look!” But, asks Frank, will they, or have they, survived their Anthropocene bottleneck?

Seeking Dark Matter, They Detected Another Mystery –Do signals from beneath an Italian mountain herald a revolution in physics? writes Dennis Overbye for the New York Times.It could be a key to the secret of the universe. Or just annoying background noise, another item to be calibrated in future experiments. A team of scientists hunting dark matter has recorded suspicious pings coming from a vat of liquid xenon underneath a mountain in Italy. They are not claiming to have discovered dark matter — or anything, for that matter — yet. But these pings, they say, could be tapping out a new view of the universe.

Halos of Clay Can Preserve Billion-Year-Old Microbes –New discovery could help scientists unearth more ancient microbial fossils and shed light on some big questions about early life on Earth.

What a Negative COVID-19 Test Really Means--We know very little about how reliable tests are for people who don’t feel sick, reports The Atlantic.

The monstrous ‘blobs’ near Earth’s core may be even bigger than we thought, reports Live Science. Geologists don’t know much about where these blobs came from or what they are, but they do know that they’re gargantuan. The two biggest blobs, which sit deep below the Pacific Ocean and Africa, account for nearly 10% of the entire mantle’s mass, one 2016 study found — and, if they sat on Earth’s surface, the duo would each extend about 100 times higher than Mount Everest. However, new research suggests, even those lofty analogies may be underestimating just how big the blobs really are.

Wildlife Trade Spreads Coronaviruses as Animals Get to Market –DNA tests show an increase in the number of animals with positive tests for some coronaviruses from the time they are trapped until they arrive on someone’s dinner plate.

“Collision” –Earth-Moon Created by Mars-Sized Object. Scientists believe that Earth and its Moon formed when a Mars‐sized body collided with the proto‐Earth. Earth ended up being the larger daughter of this collision and retained enough heat to become tectonically active. The Moon, being smaller, likely cooled down faster and geologically ‘froze’. The apparent early dynamism of the Moon challenges this idea.

Small Worlds With Lava Oceans Might Have Given Us Meteorites —Researchers propose a new model to explain the formation of most of the meteorites that make it to Earth. Their origin, however, remains a mystery. “There’s nothing that predicts them,” said Rhian Jones of the University of Manchester in England, an expert in chondrites.

A Long-Lost Manuscript Contains a Searing Eyewitness Account of the Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921, reports The Smithsonian. An Oklahoma lawyer details the attack by hundreds of whites on the thriving black neighborhood where hundreds died 95 years ago

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