The Supernova at the Bottom of the Sea to What Covid-19 Autopsies Reveal (Planet Earth Report)


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Bow, Humans: Trillions of Cicadas Are Going to Rule America, As humans remain stuck inside or socially distanced, trillions of buzzing cicadas will burst out of the ground across the U.S. between now and summer 2021. It’s already starting, reports Motherboard Science.

The Secret History of the Supernova at the Bottom of the Sea–How a star explosion may have shaped life on Earth.reports Julia Rosen for

“Consciousness is Like Spacetime Before Einstein’s Relativity” –The question that has intrigued several of the planet’s great physicists, including Stanford’s Andre Linde and Princeton’s John Archibald Wheeler in the last decades of his life, was: “are life and mind irrelevant to the structure of the universe, or are they central to it?” Are we living in a “participatory,” conscious universe, a cosmos in which all of us are embedded as co-creators, replacing the a purely materialistic universe as “out there” separate from us.

"Consciousness is Like Spacetime Before Einstein's Relativity" (Weekend Feature)


The ground is softening. Something is shifting in Antarctica’s McMurdo Dry Valleys, reports Massive Science,The first water measurements here were taken in 1903. Long-term monitoring since then tells the tale of an abrupt ecosystem shift.

COVID-19: What the Autopsies Reveal-Pathologists are starting to get a closer look at the damage that COVID-19 does to the body by carefully examining the internal organs of people who have died from the novel coronavirus, reports Scientific American.

The Carouser and the Great Astronomer –-It’s a fine line between oblivion and immortality, reports What had brought Frederik and Johannes to Prague was the arrival there the year previously of Frederik’s third cousin Tycho, a 54-year-old bear of a man with an artificial nose made of gold and silver—his fleshly one had been sliced off in a duel. At the age of 30, in 1576, Tycho Brahe had established the most advanced astronomical observatory in the world, Uraniborg, on the Danish island of Hveen, of which he was Lord.

The giant tectonic plate under the Indian Ocean is going through a rocky breakup … with itself.In a short time (geologically speaking) this plate will split in two, a new study finds.

Graduate Student Solves Decades-Old Conway Knot Problem. It took Lisa Piccirillo less than a week to answer a long-standing question about a strange knot discovered over half a century ago by the legendary John Conway, reports Quanta. “I didn’t allow myself to work on it during the day,” she said, “because I didn’t consider it to be real math. I thought it was, like, my homework.”

Will Hot Weather Kill the Coronavirus Where You Live? Asks The New York Times.The forecast from researchers is grim: Warm weather alone will not control the virus in America or abroad. Here are the results for the United States, showing weather on its own cannot meaningfully reduce infections to the rate of 1 new case per every infected person, the point by which the number of infections falls continuously.

“So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish” –Water Worlds Like Earth May Not Be Best Bet for Life


"So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish" --Ocean Physics May Hold Key to Finding Life on Exoplanets


The Last Place on Earth We’d Ever Expect to Find Life–Microbes are turning up deep beneath the ocean floor, a sign that life might have fewer limits than scientists once thought, reports The Atlantic.

Egg Laying or Live Birth: How Evolution Chooses –A lizard that both lays eggs and gives birth to live young is helping scientists understand how and why these forms of reproduction evolved, reports Quanta.

The Fed chief warned of ‘a whole new level of uncertainty’ as financial pain deepens, reports The New York Times. Mr. Powell said the nation’s economy was in a “downturn without modern precedent.”

The U.S. Is Getting Shorter, as Mapmakers Race to Keep Up, reports The New York Times. Scientists are hard at work recalibrating where and how the nation physically sits on the planet. It’s not shrinkage — it’s “height modernization.”

Could science actually make Game of Thrones happen? Sometimes! reports Farah Qaiser for Massive Science,“Fire, Ice and Physics” breaks down the science behind Game Of Thrones, including beheadings, White Walkers and wildfire.

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