Gravitational-Wave Mystery to Strange Dark Matter Discovery (The Galaxy Report)


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Today’s “Galaxy Report” connects you to headline news on the science, technology, discoveries, people and events changing our knowledge of the Milky Way and the Universe beyond.


Jupiter Is Flinging Comets Toward Earth

Gravitational wave mystery could be a sign of a new kind of black hole

Strange Dark Matter Findings Could Rewrite the Universe’s History –Scientists believe that mysterious dark matter is key to forming galaxies in the cosmos. Now, a recent series of bizarre findings threatens to undermine everything we think we know.

Astronomers Find Black Holes Stirring Up the Biggest Galaxies –After a space telescope disintegrated, astrophysicists had little hope of understanding how supermassive black holes agitate giant galaxies. Then they invented a hack.

UK’s First Astronaut Says ‘Aliens Exist’ –The United Kingdom’s first astronaut says that not only do aliens exist, but they may already be here on Earth. Helen Sharman, who accomplished the historic achievement back in 1991 when she journeyed to the Soviet space station Mir, made the remarkable declaration in an Observer Magazine interview that was published over the weekend

Continents of the Underworld Come Into Focus –Giant blobs nestled deep in the Earth may influence everything from the structure of island chains to mass-extinction events.

Mysterious radio signal from space seems to have suddenly vanished

Two stars colliding in 2083 will outshine all the others in the sky

Mercury’s outer layers may have been stripped off by a young Venus

Jupiter’s Spectacular Shoemaker-Levy 9 Impact –“Came from Previously Unknown Comet Gateway”

Jupiter Is Flinging Comets Toward Earth –Some astronomers believe that Jupiter, instead of protecting Earth from dangerous comets and asteroids, is actively flinging objects into the inner solar system. New research now demonstrates this complex process in action.

The Superpowers of Super-Thin Materials –In materials science, 2-D is the new 3-D.

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