Turning the Sun Into a Gigantic Engine to Da Vinci’s Mystery Orb (Planet Earth Report)


Earth from the ISS


“Planet Earth Report” connects you to headline news on the science, technology, discoveries, people and events changing our planet and the future of the human species.


The Phosphate Problem for the Origin of Life May be Solved –And it may help us decide whether to search for life on ocean worlds or lake worlds.

Scientists Are Searching for a Mysterious Force to Explain the Universe’s Anomalies –Teams have looked for a “fifth force” in the universe within the Earth’s mantle, ultra-vacuum chambers, and in hypothetical particles such as “X17.” Finding it could help explain mysteries around dark matter and dark energy.

A virtual version of da Vinci’s mystery glass orb has helped explain its weirdness –The world’s costliest painting depicts a glass sphere with curious optical properties. Computer scientists figured out what the artist was getting at.

An elegy for cash: the technology we might never replace –Cash is gradually dying out. Will we ever have a digital alternative that offers the same mix of convenience and freedom?

“Antarctica Alert” –Ghostly Invader from a Supermassive Black Hole Detected 

This Robot’s Journey to an Icy Alien Moon Starts Beneath Antarctica-NASA scientists completed field tests in November of a floating rover they hope will one day travel to Europa, the frozen ocean moon of Jupiter.

“We Have Absolutely No Idea What’s Out There” –Astronomers’ 2019 Views on Extraterrestrial Life 

The Complicated Role of Iron in Ocean Health and Climate Change –Iron dust may have played a significant role in the last ice age, and it could be an important factor in mitigating future global temperature increases

Australia Will Lose to Climate Change –Even as the country fights bushfires, it can’t stop dumping planet-warming pollution into the atmosphere.

Sync your calendar with the solar system –-Never miss an eclipse, a meteor shower, a rocket launch or any other astronomical and space event that’s out of this world.

Hidden Japanese Settlement Found in Forests of British Columbia –More than 1,000 items have been unearthed there, among them rice bowls, sake bottles and Japanese ceramics.

The Christian Withdrawal Experiment –-Feeling out of step with the mores of contemporary life, members of a conservative-Catholic group have built a thriving community in rural Kansas. Could their flight from mainstream society be a harbinger for the nation?

Trump Rule Would Exclude Climate Change in Infrastructure Planning –Federal agencies would no longer have to take climate change into account when they assess the environmental impacts of highways, pipelines and other major infrastructure projects, according to a Trump administration plan that would weaken the nation’s benchmark environmental law.

Debate over signs of early life inspires dueling teams to go to Greenland — together.

New Particle Accelerator Fits on a Silicon Chip

Physicist Proposes Turning the Sun Into a Gigantic Engine

Australia’s Angry Summer: This Is What Climate Change Looks Like –The catastrophic fires raging across the southern half of the continent are largely the result of rising temperatures.

How This Abandoned Mining Town in Greenland Helped Win World War II –Ivittuut held the world’s largest reserve of naturally occurring cryolite, a mineral that was used in the manufacturing of fighter planes.

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