Astronaut’s Map for Saturn’s Titan to New Search for Extraterrestrials (The Galaxy Report)


ESO Observatories Chile


Today’s “Galaxy Report” connects you to headline news on the science, technology, discoveries, people and events changing our knowledge of the Milky Way and Universe beyond.


Go Ahead, Take a Spin on Titan –Saturn’s biggest moon has gasoline for rain, soot for snow and a subsurface ocean of ammonia. Now there’s a map to help guide the search for possible life there.

Black Hole Singularities Are as Inescapable as Expected –-For the first time, physicists have calculated exactly what kind of singularity lies at the center of a realistic black hole.

Intelligent Ways to Search for Extraterrestrials –Is there a more rational way to scan the heavens for alien life?

NASA Finds India’s Vikram Moon Lander Crash Site, With Amateur’s Help –Since India lost contact with the spacecraft in September, the precise location of its crash has been a mystery.

How Life on Our Planet Made It Through Snowball Earth –Rusty rocks left over from some of our planet’s most extreme ice ages hint at oases for survival beneath the freeze.

Top Dark Matter Candidate Loses Ground to Tiniest Competitor –Physicists have long searched for hypothesized dark matter particles called WIMPs. Now, focus may be shifting to the axion — an ultra-lightweight particle whose existence would solve two mysteries at once.

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