CIA’s Mad Scientist to Cracks in the Cosmos (Planet Earth Report)

Earth from ISS


The “Planet Earth Report” connects you to headline news on the science, technology, discoveries, people and events changing our planet and the future of the human species.


We’re About to Cross 9 Critical Climate Tipping Points, Scientists Say–These tipping points are now “active,” scientists warn, and the rapid melting of polar ice and the loss of critical habitats could trigger an irreversible “global tipping point

‘People are caught up in magical thinking’: was the oldest woman in the world a fraud?

The Vietnam Draft Lotteries Were a Scientific Experiment –Based on an essentially random attribute—a birth date—the lotteries assigned a group of men what scientists would call a “treatment condition.

There Might Be Cracks in the Universe — But We Can’t See Them from Earth –The cracks, if they exist, are old, remnants of a time shortly after the Big Bang.

Researcher Arrested for Allegedly Teaching North Korea About Ethereum –Virgil Griffith has been arrested for allegedly giving a presentation on cryptocurrency in North Korea, where discussion touched on evading sanctions. Griffith maintains his presentation contained basic concepts that could be found online.

The Sinister Scientist Behind the CIA’s Mind-Control Mayhem –A new book digs deep into the horrifying career of Sidney Gottlieb, the scientist who ran the CIA’s damaging and possibly lethal experiments in drug-induced mind control.

Zimbabwe Is Trying to Build a China Style Surveillance State –“It has everything it needs to give the ruling Zanu-PF party and its agents in government the legal basis to imprison opponents using the internet.”

Eruption of Indonesian Volcano in 2018 Generated a Tsunami at Least 330 Feet High

From the X-Files: Area 51 Veteran And CIA Electronic Warfare Pioneer Weigh In On Navy UFO Encounters

Watch Daring Scientists Take a Wild Whale’s Heart Rate for the First Time –The experiment revealed that blue whales have a much more extreme range of heart rates than predicted.

Inside Google’s Larry Page Turbulent Kitty Hawk: Returned Deposits, Battery Fires And A Boeing Shakeup

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