Supernova at the Bottom of the Sea to Unsolved Mysteries of the Cosmos (The Galaxy Report)

Saturn's South Pole Aurora


“The Galaxy Report” connects you to headline news on the science, technology, discoveries, people and events changing our knowledge of the Milky Way and Universe beyond.


Our Place in the Universe Will Radically Change in the Next 50 Years –The universe has many mysteries that still remain to be uncovered – and new technologies will help us to solve them over the next 50 years.

The Secret History of the Supernova at the Bottom of the Sea –How a star explosion may have shaped life on Earth.

Jupiter’s Great Red Spot has gotten smaller — but researchers say it’s here to stay

Hologram Within a Hologram Hints at Fate of Black Hole

Are Saturn’s Rings Really as Young as the Dinosaurs? –A surprisingly youthful estimate of the age of the rings has stirred a backlash.

“First Light of the Cosmos” –A Signal Detected from Epic Turning Point in the Universe

Why We Can’t Just Do All of Our Astronomy From Space

Top Dark Matter Candidate Loses Ground to Tiniest Competitor –Physicists have long searched for hypothesized dark matter particles called WIMPs. Now, focus may be shifting to the axion — an ultra-lightweight particle whose existence would solve two mysteries at once.

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