Secret History of Earth’s Supernova Impacts to Human Psychic Powers (Planet Earth Report)

Earth from ISS


The “Planet Earth Report” connects you to headline news on the science, technology, discoveries, people and events changing our planet and the future of the human species.


Computers Evolve a New Path Toward Human Intelligence –By ignoring their goals, evolutionary algorithms have solved longstanding challenges in artificial intelligence.

Humans Shipped an Awful Cargo Across the Seas: Cancer--A cancer afflicting mussels originated off the Pacific coast of Canada, but then crossed into other species in Europe and South America.

“Radius of Doom” –The Secret History of Earth’s Supernova Impacts

Science Behind the Fiction –Could People Have Psychic Powers Like in the Shining?

“Interstellar” –Extraterrestrial Particles Unveiled in Antarctica

NASA: The Amazon –“The Largest Rainforest on Earth is Drying Out” 

From the Farside –Theories of the Black Knight Satellite –“A 13,000 Year-Old Alien Artifact in Orbit Around the Earth”

‘Terminator’ at 35: How AI and the militarization of tech has evolved –Scientists scoff at the idea that AI poses an existential threat, but military applications of the technology pose concern.

Mayon volcano erupts, leading to evacuation of over 56,000 –There’s been a lot of activity in the Pacific Ring of Fire lately…

Could TESS Have Already Seen Planet Nine? 

In the Blue Holes of the Bahamas, Secrets of Hurricanes Past –Scientists assembled a 1,500-year history of big storm activity by retrieving sediment from the island country’s submarine caverns.

More than 11,000 scientists issue fresh warning: Earth faces a climate emergency –A new study identifies six key areas for critical changes, including addressing the planet’s swelling population.

What Shape Is the Universe? A New Study Suggests We’ve Got It All Wrong –When researchers reanalyzed the gold-standard data set of the early universe, they concluded that the cosmos must be “closed,” or curled up like a ball. Most others remain unconvinced.

The weird creatures that might be the very first complex animals –The Cambrian explosion is feted as evolution’s big bang, but the enigmatic Ediacaran creatures that came first are rewriting the history of life on Earth.

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