Real Story of the Zapruder Film to Mysterious DNA Circles (Planet Earth Report)


Earth from ISS


The “Planet Earth Report” connects you to headline news on the science, technology, discoveries, people and events changing our planet and the future of the human species.


Scientists Are Just Beginning to Understand Mysterious DNA Circles Common in Cancer Cells –For years, researchers weren’t exactly sure what to make of these extra loops of genetic material . That’s quickly changing.

An Alarming Discovery in an Astronaut’s Bloodstream–A study has turned up a side effect of human spaceflight that no one had observed before.

What Does the Zapruder Film Really Tell Us? –Documentary filmmaker Errol Morris deconstructs the most famous 26 seconds in film history

Why the electric-car revolution may take a lot longer than expected –An MIT analysis finds that steady declines in battery costs will stall in the next few years.

Smart CCTV Networks Are Driving an AI-Powered Apartheid in South Africa –In one of the world’s most racially divided countries, a company called Vumacam is building a nationwide surveillance network that scrutinizes peoples’ movements for “unusual behavior.”

Why the line between life and death is now more blurred than ever –Brains resurrected after death, communications with people in comas and advances in cryogenics all suggest that life’s end is less final than we thought

The Collapse of Civilization May Have Already Begun –Scientists disagree on the timeline of collapse and whether it’s imminent. But can we afford to be wrong? And what comes after?

Maze of tunnels reveals remains of ancient Jerusalem –Controversial excavations under the Holy City uncover layers of history and stoke long-standing tensions.

Venice’s devastating floods are the ‘canary in a coal mine’ for coastal cities worldwide –As climate change causes sea levels in Venice — and across the planet — to inch higher, scientists say catastrophic floods could become more severe and more frequent.

Apocalyptic ‘orange cloud’ smothers Australian city in terrifying video

‘Climate emergency’ is Oxford Dictionaries’ 2019 word of the year

The Saga of the Cannibal Ants in a Soviet Nuclear Bunker

9/11 Truther Mark Ruffalo Testifies To Congress On Science

Bubble Subs Arise, Opening Eyes to the Deep Sea –Giant plastic spheres, with walls six inches thick or more, are making the depths of the ocean, and its strange denizens, more accessible.

A Hint About the Affliction That Kept Marat in the Bathtub –Ever since the French revolutionary’s assassination in a bathtub, doctors and scientists have wondered why he had to spend so much time in there to begin with.

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