Alien Metals to Life is Electric (Planet Earth Report)


Earth from ISS


The “Planet Earth Report” connects you to headline news on the science, technology, discoveries, people and events changing our planet and the future of the human species.


Alternative Fact Virus: Study Suggests Objective Reality Doesn’t Exist

Computers Evolve a New Path Toward Human Intelligence –Neural networks that borrow strategies from biology are making profound leaps in their abilities. Is ignoring a goal the best way to make truly intelligent machines?

“Planet Earths” –Common in the Universe

“Life is Electric” –NASA Enigma Study Explores Origins of Life on Earth & Beyond

The Day the Mesozoic Died –How the story of the dinosaurs’ demise was uncovered.

“Stangelove & Living Ocean” –Mass Extinction Theories Confirmed

SyFy Wire –Is This Viral Video Evidence that Bigfoot is Really Out There?

From the Farside: UFO Researcher Explains Why She Sold ‘Exotic’ Metal to Tom DeLonge –The U.S. Army will now look for “demonstrable physical phenomena” in a piece of metal the UFOlogist says came from an alien spacecraft.

AI can predict if you’ll die soon – but we’ve no idea how it works

Google’s Totally Creepy, Totally Legal Health-Data Harvesting

Why the hunt for alien life is under way far beneath Earth’s surface –Microbes that breathe sulphur could redefine what it means to be alive and provide clues about what organisms may lurk in the cosmos

Ghost ships, crop circles, and soft gold: A GPS mystery in Shanghai –A sophisticated new electronic warfare system is being used at the world’s busiest port. But is it sand thieves or the Chinese state behind it?

Stone Age artists were obsessed with horses and we don’t know why

NASA Names Most Distant Object Ever Explored ‘Arrokoth,’ the Powhatan Word for Sky

The Dark Psychology of Social Networks

Earthquake Conspiracy Theorists Are Wreaking Havoc During Emergencies –Independent “researchers” are sharing unfounded theories across social media, which have the potential to spread panic and confusion—and have even fooled legitimate government agencies.

Apes Might Know That You Don’t Know What They Know

A Link Between Dark Matter and Antimatter Could Be Why the Universe Exists –In a new experiment, scientists probed a theory that suggests a weird interaction between two of the biggest mysteries in physics could be why our universe exists in the first place.

Zombie Storefront of America

This Bank Had the Worst Password Policy We’ve Ever Seen –A European bank makes customers pay to change their password

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