Matter’s Missing Building Block to New Tech Searches for Intelligent Life (The Galaxy Report)

Milky Way Galaxy


“The Galaxy Report” connects you to headline news on the science, technology, discoveries, people and events changing our knowledge of our Galaxy and beyond.


Intelligent Ways to Search for Extraterrestrials –Is there a more rational way to scan the heavens for alien life?

We may be closing in on the discovery of alien life. Are we prepared? –New robotic craft bound for Mars should give us our best shot at finding life on the Red Planet.

The Real Milky Way –“Our Warped, Twisted, Wobbly Galaxy”

Aliens may have bugged space rocks to spy on Earth, scientist says –A new proposal suggests scouring so-called co-orbitals for advanced alien technology used to eavesdrop on our planet.

Companies in the Cosmos: The new space race –NASA lost its ability to launch humans from U.S. soil when the space shuttle retired. Now, companies and billionaire entrepreneurs are defining a new space age.

Why matter’s most basic building blocks may not exist –Quarks are the subatomic particles thought to make up nearly everything we can see. Now it turns out they could be an illusion created by quantum trickery

Microbial life might drift in the atmospheres of failed stars

NASA Hands Elon Musk a Reality Check –A shared effort to deliver NASA astronauts to space recently got a little awkward.

SpaceX Has Starry-Eyed Ambitions for Its Starship –Elon Musk has laid out an ambitious future for his spaceship project

Image credit: The first accurate 3D map of our galaxy at top of reveals its true shape: warped and twisted. Astronomers from Macquarie University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences have used 1339 ‘standard’ stars to map the real shape of our home galaxy in a paper published in Nature Astronomy. Artist’s impression above of the warped and twisted Milky Way disk. (Chen Xiaodian)

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