2019 Nobel Prize Astronomer: Aliens Detected Within 30 Years to Milky Way Mystery (The Galaxy Report)


ESO Observatories Chile


“The Galaxy Report” connects you to headline news on the science, technology, discoveries, people and events changing our knowledge of our Galaxy and beyond.


“Monsters & Dragons?” –Mapping the Terra Incognito of Milky Way’s Unseen Far Side

Nobel Prize Astronomer Says We’ll Find Aliens Within 30 Years –Speaking at an event in London earlier this week, Swiss researcher Didier Queloz, 52, suggested that the odds of finding life beyond our planet were strongly in our favor, The Telegraph reported. “I can’t believe we are the only living entity in the universe,” Queloz said. “There are just way too many planets, way too many stars, and the chemistry is universal. The chemistry that led to life has to happen elsewhere.”

A Cosmic Mystery: Why is the Milky Way Galaxy Getting Gassier? –There seems to be an imbalance in our galaxy.

“The Invisible Galaxy” –100 Million Black Holes Lurking in the Milky Way

“Strange, Hidden Objects at Milky Center” –Will Be Unveiled by NASA’s James Webb Telescope

“The Black Hole Larger Than Our Solar System” –The EHT Sequel

Black hole warning: Scientists spark fears over ancient phenomena that could engulf Earth

“The Loophole” –The Discovery That Could Have Predicted Why the Universe Exists

Hidden Passage: Could We Spy a Traversable Wormhole in the Milky Way’s Heart? –Anomalous motions of stars orbiting our galaxy’s central supermassive black hole might reveal the existence of long-hypothesized tunnels through spacetime.

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