Yes, There Was Life on Mars to Nobel Prize & Alien Life (Planet Earth Report)


Earth from ISS


The “Planet Earth Report” connects you to headline news on the science, technology, discoveries, people and events changing our planet and the future of the human species.


How a discovery that earned the Nobel Prize transformed the hunt for alien life

Is this the most important century in human history?

How the Nobel Prize Winners Affected the Search for E.T.

Was there life on Mars? Was there ever potential for life on Mars? –One scientist is convinced he knows the answer, and that the question hanging out there in space was already answered—over 40 years ago.

Intelligent Ways to Search for Extraterrestrials –Is there a more rational way to scan the heavens for alien life?

The Amelia Earhart Mystery Stays Down in the Deep –Robert Ballard’s expedition to a remote island in the South Pacific found no evidence of the vanished aviator’s plane. But the explorer and his crew haven’t given up.

We have made another major discovery about early humans –Humanity’s ancient family tree is set to be shaken up by fossil skeletons found embedded in rock at a site near Johannesburg, South Africa, could be another long lost human cousin. “We have another major hominin discovery,” said Lee Berger at New Scientist Live on Saturday.

“At Emergence of Human Ancestors” –Titanic Beam of Energy Burst from Milky Way’s Core Black Hole

“Beyond Extreme” –Ancient Mono Lake’s New Arsenic-Immune Species With Three Sexes

Are We Ready for the Discovery of Extraterrestrial Life? — It’s entirely possible that in the next decade or so, you will see a headline telling you that NASA has found evidence for life in space. Would that news cause you to run screaming into the street?

Thomas Edison’s Greatest Invention –It wasn’t the light bulb or the phonograph or the moving picture—or anything tangible. It was a way of thinking about technology.

Why Everything Is Getting Louder--The tech industry is producing a rising din. Our bodies can’t adapt.

You’re Swabbing a Dead Gorilla for Ebola. Then It Gets Worse. –Carrion flies inside your hood. Sweat turns your gloves into water balloons. This is tough work, but it could predict disease outbreaks.

Her dog went missing in 2007. She just found her 1,000 miles away — alive and well. –No one knows what Dutchess was doing for the last 12 years — or how she made it to Pittsburgh.

These surreal jarred fish tell an urgent story of extinction–A biologist’s unusual “fish bunker” of preserved aquatic life shows how humanity has pushed some species to their doom.

Silicon Valley is snubbing Saudi Arabia’s glitzy conference a year after the Khashoggi killing –Saudi money? Yes. Saudi conference? No.

Going back to the moon could cost $30 billion. It might be worth it. –If we collect more moon rocks, we could unlock secrets about the Earth, the moon, and the solar system.

Predicting the future is now possible with powerful new AI simulation –If you thought Cambridge Analytica had scary tech, wait until you see this. A new form of AI modelling promises accurate simulation of the behavior of entire cities, countries and one day perhaps, the world

A USGS survey found plastic in the Rocky Mountains’ rainwater

These fish can live on land and breathe air. Authorities suggest you kill them on sight. –A northern snakehead fish, a highly invasive species, was caught earlier this month in a Georgia pond.

Antibiotics are losing their power against deadly infections. Can we fix the problem? 

Ancient Egyptian ‘Industrial Zone’ Uncovered in Luxor’s Valley of the Monkeys

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