Worst Day in Earth’s History to Japan’s ‘Ghost’ Wolves” (Planet Earth Report)


Earth from ISS


The “Planet Earth Report” connects you to headline news on the science, technology, discoveries, people and events changing our planet and the future of the human species.


The Worst Day in Earth’s History Contains an Ominous Warning –One of Earth’s most dramatic extinctions was caused in part by ocean acidification, which has become a problem in our own era.

How the Nobel Prize Winners Affected the Search for E.T.

‘Moons of Madness’: 6 Ways This New Space Game Is Terrifying (Video)

Listen to the Loudest Bird Ever Recorded –Turn down your headphones. The song of the white bellbird is “beyond loud,” researchers say.

Life in the most drone-bombed country in the world –America’s longest war has turned Afghanistan into an unwilling testing ground for warfare technology.

Neanderthal ‘glue’ points to complex thinking

“Stangelove & Living Ocean” –Mass Extinction Theories Confirmed

“Planet Earths” –Common in the Universe

“At Emergence of Human Ancestors” –Titanic Beam of Energy Burst from Milky Way’s Core Black Hole

What Wii the Internet Look Like in 2030?

Military artificial intelligence can be easily and dangerously fooled –-AI warfare is beginning to dominate military strategy in the US and China, but is the technology ready?

What happens if your mind lives for ever on the internet?

A Scientist Created ‘Gravity Crystals’ to Simulate Dead Stars on Earth –Physicist Alexander Bataller recreated exotic cosmic phenomena on Earth using household materials.

Inside the Phone Company Secretly Run By Drug Traffickers –Crime blogger Martin Kok was assassinated while leaving a sex club. It turned out MPC, one of his clients, was not an ordinary phone company.

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin to Partner With Other Companies on NASA Moon Lander –The start-up launched by the Amazon founder will work with three older space companies in its bid to carry American astronauts back to the lunar surface.

DeepMind AI Beats Human Historians at Deciphering Ancient Texts –University of Oxford researchers are using machine learning to help make ancient text restoration less tedious.

NASA chief says the first human on Mars may be a woman –“If my 11-year-old daughter has her way, we’ll have a woman on Mars in the not-too-distant future,” NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine said.

The hunt for Japan’s ‘ghost’ wolves –Could an apex predator, thought to be extinct for 100 years, still be roaming the Japanese mountains? Some enthusiasts think they have the evidence.

Quantum Computing Is Coming, Bit by Qubit –-With transmons and entanglement, scientists strive to put subatomic weirdness to work on the human scale.

Humpback whale population on the rise after near miss with extinction

Carl Safina Is Certain Your Dog Loves You –Animals have rich emotional lives, the ecologist argues. The evidence is “right in front of your eyes.”

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