Extraterrestrials Observing Earth to NASA’s Mono Lake ‘Alien’ Species (Planet Earth Report)

Earth from ISS


The “Planet Earth Report” connects you to headline news on the science, technology, discoveries, people and events changing our planet and the future of the human species.


SETI –An intelligent species of extraterrestrials might have telescopes far more powerful than ours.

Congratulations, You Survived Black Hole Week –Here are three cosmic events you may have missed and that fortunately missed you.

SpaceX Unveils Silvery Vision to Mars: ‘It’s Basically an I.C.B.M. That Lands’


SpaceX Starship


Watch Elon Musk unveil ‘epic’ new SpaceX Starship protoype

“The Message” –Moon’s Surface May Harbor Traces of Alien Organisms & Technology

Blue Origin And SpaceX Bag The Biggest Contracts For NASA Exploration Technology

How Jurassic Plankton Stole Control of the Ocean’s Chemistry –Only 170 million years ago, new plankton evolved. Their demand for carbon and calcium permanently transformed the seas as homes for life.

Area 51 –What’s Really Going On at USA’s Favorite Secret Locale

Extraterrestrials Could Use Near-Earth Objects To Watch Us From Space, Suggests Study

BBC coverage of the Martian invasion will follow shortly-– A new TV adaptation stresses the action, horror, and science fictional aspects of HG Wells’s celebrated tale; in other words, it’s sticking closely to the book.

Climate scientists say Greta Thunberg’s efforts are building real momentum –“She is getting people to listen, which we have failed to do,” one climatologist said.

“Beyond Extreme” –Ancient Mono Lake’s New Arsenic-Immune Species With Three Sexes


Mono Lake


Scientists Want You to Play a Video Game to Help Them Understand Nuclear War –‘SIGNAL’ is an interesting, if flawed, multiplayer game that tries to simulate decision-making in the high stakes scenario of nuclear war for research purposes.

NASA’s New Moon Spacesuits are Almost Finished and They Look Far Out

Meet The Thai UFO Group Convinced That Aliens Will Save Us From Armageddon –The ‘space portal’ where they supposedly chat to aliens was raided, but they aren’t giving up.

The Institute by Stephen King leads a revolutionary sci-fi reboot

NASA Chief Scientist Says Life on Mars Could be Found Within Two Years

Drought exposes long-submerged ‘Spanish Stonehenge’ monument –Water levels in a man-made lake dropped significantly this summer after record heat and dry conditions.

The future is Zao: How a Chinese deepfake app went viral

Researchers Discover the Tallest Known Tree in the Amazon

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