Top-Secret Drone Orbiting Earth to Douglas Adams Was Right (Planet Earth Report)


Earth from the ISS


The “Planet Earth Report” connects you to headline news on the science, technology, discoveries, people and events changing our planet and the future of the human species.

The Moon May Be Covered With Oxygen Beamed From Earth –The gas travels alongside particles from the sun, and could offer clues to life’s origins.

A Top Secret Air Force Space Drone Has Been Orbiting Earth for Almost 2 Years –The Pentagon’s experimental unmanned space plane, the X-37B, just broke a record after orbiting the planet for 719 days straight. But what’s it doing up there?

“47 Degrees Celsius” –The Death of Earth’s Ocean World and Silicon-Based Life: After the Sun, Earth’s oceans are the primary driver of our climate. It is vital for our survival that they are kept cool, below 15°C. Whenever the surface temperature of the ocean rises above 15°C, they become a desert more bereft of life than the Sahara.


Ocean World Blue Planet


Age of Cyborgs: The Next Kingdom of Life –“Humans Will Vanish from Earth”

The Amazon Is Not Earth’s Lungs –-Humans could burn every living thing on the planet and still not dent its oxygen supply. The Amazon is a vast, ineffable, vital, living wonder. It does not, however, supply the planet with 20 percent of its oxygen.

A Raft of Floating Rock Stuns Sailors. But Can It Save the Reef? –Researchers are curious about whether marine life, hitching a ride on a raft of floating volcanic rock, could replenish the dying reef.

The Cosmos –“Is a Conscious Universe” The question that intrigued the great American quantum physicist John Archibald Wheeler in the last decades of his life was: “Are life and mind irrelevant to the structure of the universe, or are they central to it?”

A Glowing Clue in the Search for Alien Life –Astronomers say potential life on planets around flaring stars might find a creative way to survive

‘Massive pool’ of methane discovered hidden deep underground –The discovery helps solve a longstanding mystery and yields new insights about the possibility of life on other worlds.

Douglas Adams was right – knowledge without understanding is meaningless. Using supercomputers to explain life, the universe and everything takes us into territory previously only laughed at.

A trip to Mars could cause brain damage. Here’s how NASA aims to protect astronauts. –New research suggests that exposure to radiation could trigger anxiety and impair cognition.

The Anthropocene Is a Joke –-Whereas some epochs in Earth history stretch more than 40 million years, this new chapter started maybe 400 years ago, when carbon dioxide dipped by a few parts per million in the atmosphere. Or perhaps, as a panel of scientists voted earlier this year, the epoch started as recently as 75 years ago, when atomic weapons began to dust the planet with an evanescence of strange radioisotopes.

Shock and thaw? Earth’s oldest asteroid impact may have helped lift the planet out of a deep freeze

Largest marine protected area in Atlantic Ocean will soon be official –The tiny island is the summit of a vast underwater mountain range that houses a rich diversity of species. From the surface, Ascension Island—a tiny volcanic outpost in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean between Brazil and the west coast of Africa—looks remote and isolated. But the small island is perched on the summit of a 10,000-foot underwater volcano in the mid-Atlantic ridge, one of the world’s longest mountain ranges.

From ‘The Alcatraz of the Rockies’ to the Streets –The U.S. sends “the worst of the worst” to ADX Florence. This is what happens when they get out.

The Joys of Being a Late Tech Adopter –New-gadget season is almost here, but our columnist has concluded, after testing hundreds of gizmos over the years, that it pays to wait.

Nuclear winter would threaten nearly everyone on Earth

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