Decoding Extraterrestrials to Antarctica Supernova (Planet Earth Report)

Earth from the ISS


The “Planet Earth Report” connects you to headline news on the science, technology, discoveries, people and events changing our planet and the future of the human species.


This Apollo 8 Astronaut Took the Famous ‘Earthrise’ Photo –-Vying with the Russians for space supremacy, the U.S. successfully launches Apollo 8. Once in orbit, astronaut William Anders takes one of the most legendary photographs of all time.

In the Ethiopian Mountains, Ancient Humans Were Living the High Life –Humans may have inhabited sites at high elevations far earlier than once believed, a new study suggests.

Finding Amelia Earhart’s Plane Seemed Impossible. Then came a startling clue –Robert Ballard has found the Titanic and other famous shipwrecks. This month his crew started trying to solve one of the 20th century’s greatest mysteries.


Amelia Earhardt


An Artificial Intelligence Developed Its Own Non-Human Language –When Facebook designed chatbots to negotiate with one another, the bots made up their own way of communicating.

“Wake-Up Call?” –Massive Object Smacks Jupiter Recalling Pacific-Sized 2009 Impact

“Earthlings on the Moon” –Doomsday Species Will Survive Until the Sun Dies

“The Novacene Hypothesis” –Coming Eon of Human Hyperintelligence

“The Preview” –Earth’s Spontaneous Chemical Alignment 4 Billion Years Ago


Antarctica Supernova Dust


Radioactive Dust from an Ancient Supernova is Buried in Antarctica –After a massive excavation effort, scientists hope that studying the dust will reveal new secrets about the cosmic environment surrounding our solar system.

Deep-sea microbe could answer one of evolution’s biggest mysteries— A single-celled organism found off the coast of Japan could offer us a glimpse of one of our most distant ancestors. The microbe may explain one of the great mysteries of evolutionary history: the origin of the complex cells that make up organisms like plants and humans. Apple Transforms Central Park Into an Augmented Reality Gallery –Works by Nick Cave, Nathalie Djurberg, John Giorno and others have been choreographed into the landscape for an Apple-New Museum walking tour.

Apple Augmented Realityp


Meet the next generation of entrepreneurs. They’re all over 65. –Inside Senior Planet, the tech-savviest retirement community on earth.

Master plan of the universe revealed in new galaxy maps -In the renderings, our Milky Way galaxy is a tiny speck in the midst of other galaxies and colossal voids.

As millions flock to Area 51, scientists say extraterrestrial life isn’t impossible-Two million people signed up on Facebook to go alien hunting at the highly classified US air force facility Area 51. Are they crazy or is there something to it? What would happen if we came into contact with aliens?

Some Fish Are Still Full of Mercury, for a Worrying Reason –Emissions of mercury have declined, but levels in fish could still increase thanks to overfishing and a changing climate.

How Could We Decode A Message From Extraterrestrials?

‘Ecological grief’: Greenland residents traumatized by climate emergency –Islanders are struggling to reconcile impact of global heating with traditional way of life, survey finds

‘Coal is over’: the miners rooting for the Green New Deal

The Amazon Publishing Juggernaut –-What does the e-commerce giant want with the notoriously fickle world of publishing? To own your every reading decision.

The New Servant Class –“Wealth work” is one of America’s fastest growing industries. That’s not entirely a good thing.

The Actress Who Left the Stage to Become a Civil War Spy

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