Terrifying Russian Experiments to Area 51 Siege (Planet Earth Report)

Earth from the ISS


The “Planet Earth Report” connects you to headline news on the science, technology, discoveries, people and events changing our planet and the future of the human species.

Two Magical Places That Sent Apollo 11 to the Moon and Back –They’ve nearly vanished, but hubs in Southern California and on Long Island played key roles in the lunar race.

Stranger Things Hints at the Soviet Union’s Real and Terrifying Experiments


Russian Experiments

Messages on the Moon From a World Turned Upside Down –Our journey to the moon took us a long way from Earth, but it was always tangled up with power politics here on the ground.

“Russia’s Hubble” –Roskosmos Launches New Space Radio Astronomy Observatory

National Security –Half a million people signed up to storm Area 51. What happens if they actually show? more than a half-million strangers will gather in a remote Nevada town in mid-September, united by a common goal: to raid Area 51 in the wee hours of the morning — using a strength-in-numbers approach to reveal any extraterrestrial treasures stashed within the notoriously clandestine government base.

“Ice Worm to Tundra Ape” –NASA’s Robot Menagerie Bound for Alien Worlds

“The Last Photon Orbit” –Milky Way’s Supermassive Black Hole ‘On Deck’ for the EHT

“Not Even Wrong” –What happens when we can’t test scientific theories? –String theory gained traction 35 years ago but scientists have not found any evidence to suggest it is correct. Does this matter? And should it be tested? Ian Sample debates this with Eleanor Knox, David Berman and Peter Woit


Someone just spotted a top-secret Air Force space plane in orbit and we don’t know why it’s there

Astrophysicist Katie Mack Is Cool With the End of the Universe –The cosmologist you follow on Twitter talks about planets being ripped apart and finding odd comfort in the end of all life.

“Gargantua” –The Black Hole That Could Swallow Our Solar System

Ancient life awakens amid thawing ice caps and permafrost –In Earth’s icy fringes, bacteria, moss and nematodes are bearing life anew.

An arctic fox walked 2,700 miles from Norway to Canada. Yes, that’s possible. –Just 21 days after leaving Norway, the fox had arrived in Greenland. And in less than three months, it made it to Canada. The fox averaged nearly 30 miles a day.

Sahara was home to some of largest sea creatures, study finds

Scientists Are Genetically Engineering Plants to Fight Climate Change

The Bizarre Ways America’s First Spy Agency Tried to Overthrow Hitler –From undercover heiresses to hormone-injected vegetables, the early days of the Office of Strategic Services were marked by colorful hires and wild schemes.

Ruthless, ‘superhuman’ poker-playing computer program makes elite players fold –An aggressive bot named Pluribus has made a breakthrough in artificial intelligence.

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