Huge Unknown Asteroid Shock to Antarctica’s Ghost Base (Planet Earth Report)

Earth from Space


The “Planet Earth Report” connects you to headline news on the science, technology, discoveries, people and events changing our planet and the future of the human species.


Meet the Zeptosecond, the Smallest Slice of Time Yet Recorded –Using an two types of lasers, researchers measured the ejection of helium electrons with previously unheard of precision.

Triceratops Skull, 65 Million Years Old, Unearthed by College Student, 23 –Passed over for an air-conditioned summer internship, Harrison Duran instead braved rattlesnakes in a remote area of North Dakota to help make a thrilling discovery.

Is AI the next big climate-change threat? We haven’t a clue

The Cosmos –“Is a Conscious Universe”

MIT: A huge asteroid flew very close to Earth last week. How did we miss it? On Thursday, July 25, an asteroid dubbed Asteroid 2019 OK, measuring 57 to 130 meters wide (187 to 427 feet), got uncomfortably close to Earth, according to NASA’s near-Earth objects database. It was less than one-fifth of the distance to the moon, making it a very close call in space terms.

“It Came From Outer Space” –A New Dark-Matter Theory That Would Vaporize Human Flesh

“A Hockey Stick” –Global Warming Highest in Past 2,000 Years

Global Warming Risks Far Greater than Predicted –‘Palm Trees in Antarctica’

The Brain-Eating Amoeba Is a Nearly Perfect Killer –The single-celled menace rarely infects humans. That’s what makes it so hard to treat.

An Abandoned ‘Ghost Base’ Is Doing Science Deep in Antarctica Without Any Humans

After Investigation, Neil deGrasse Tyson Will Keep His Job–Dr. Tyson was accused of sexual misconduct. The American Museum of Natural History said he would remain director of the Hayden Planetarium.

Meet the Money Behind The Climate Denial Movement –Nearly a billion dollars a year is flowing into the organized climate change counter-movement

Were U.S. Diplomats Attacked in Cuba? Brain Study Deepens Mystery –“Something happened to the brain” of diplomats who reported odd ailments, a brain-imaging study suggests. But the cause is still unclear.

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