The ‘Alien’ Fossil, Hiroshima Tree, Pentagon’s New UFO Alert (Planet Earth Report)


Earth from the ISS


The “Planet Earth Report” connects you to headline news on the science, technology, discoveries, people and events changing our planet and the future of the human species.

The 390-Year-Old Tree That Survived the Bombing of Hiroshima

“Our Shrinking Planet”– 69 Years Ago a New Epoch May Have Begun on Earth

If Thanos Actually Wiped Out Half of All Life, How Would Earth Fare in the Aftermath? –The aftereffects of such a mass extinction don’t require a supervillain’s intelligence to understand

“The Next Pompeii” –Ocean ‘Hum’ Reveals Supervolcano Secret

The Fossil That Inspired ‘Alien’ –Hans Rudolf Giger, Swiss surrealist artist, architect and industrial designer, was hired to create all forms of the Alien featuring in the film, from the egg to the adult. Here’s the story.

From the Farside –An Oxford University academic says aliens are breeding with humans to produce a hyrid species capable of saving the planet from major disasters like climate change and nuclear war.

“One Trillion Times Age of the Cosmos” –Rarest Thing Ever Detected

The Search for Alien Life Begins in Earth’s Oldest Desert


Earth's Oldest Desert


“Hidden Signals” –The Next Big Discovery About Our Cosmos

Mysterious Rings Around Reefs Have No Simple Explanation–These strange, barren halos are thought to be the work of fearful fish—but the reality is far more complicated.

“Proof?” –‘Oumuamua-Like’ Interstellar Object Struck Earth in 2014

The Dark History of Japan’s Rabbit Island

Just Don’t Call Them UFOs –The U.S. military wants pilots to report strange sightings in the sky, but doesn’t want any of the stigma that comes with it.

Human Drugs Are Polluting the Water—And Animals Are Swimming in It –Salmon on psychotropics, platypuses on prozac, and other strange tales from the wild

The best movies out this weekend –13 great films now in theaters and on streaming.



The Oceans Are Getting Stormier–“These changes have impacts that are felt all over the world.”

Scientists: We kept pig brains alive 10 hours after death. Bioethicists: “Holy shit.”

How Humans Created the Modern Concept of Dog Breeds

Documentary: The Tragic Consequences of the NHL’s Science Denial

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