Melting Glaciers Could Unleash Nuclear Fallout to Day Earth Rained Glass (Planet Earth Report)


Earth from the ISS


The “Planet Earth Report” connects you to headline news on the science, technology, discoveries, people and events changing our planet and the future of the human species.

Human Drugs Are Polluting the Water—And Animals Are Swimming in It —Salmon on psychotropics, platypuses on prozac, and other strange tales from the wild

Melting Glaciers Could Unleash Nuclear Fallout Trapped Within the Ice –An international research project found that high concentrations of radioactive material in glaciers around the world could be exposed due to climate change.


Greenland Glaciers


The Hidden Shipping and Handling Behind That Black-Hole Picture –The mesmerizing image of a cosmic wonder required a rather old-school approach to piece together.

NASA Is Offering $18,500 to Lie in Bed for 60 Days –The unique study by NASA, the ESA, and the German Aerospace Center will test the effects of artificial gravity on the bodies of astronauts in space.

“The Gates of Hell, The End of Spacetime” –World’s Scientists Speak Out On EHT’s Black Hole Picture

Silk Road 2 Founder Dread Pirate Roberts 2 Caught, Jailed for 5 Years –For years, the arrest and case has been kept under-wraps. Friday, a court sentenced Thomas White to 5 years and 4 months for his role in running a huge dark web drug marketplace.

Katie Bouman: the 29-year-old whose work led to first black hole photo –Bouman is a post-doctoral fellow at MIT whose algorithm led to an image of a supermassive black hole

What a Year in Space Did to Scott Kelly –An unprecedented and illuminating study monitored identical twins, one in space and one on Earth.

Human Consciousness –“The Big Bang is Easier to Comprehend”

“The Day the Earth Rained Glass” –Prelude to Extinction

The Boy Missing an Entire Type of Brain Cell –Microglia make up 10 percent of the brain, and an extremely rare case shows just how important they are.

Are We In A ‘Galactic Zoo’ Protected By Aliens? Scientists Meet To Investigate The ‘Great Silence’

This Medieval Man Used a Knife as a Prosthetic Limb –The man’s skeleton bears signs of frequent ‘biomechanical force,’ according to a new study

Environmental Thinker Bill McKibben Sounds Warning on Technology –Known for climate change work, the pioneer says global warming, AI and genetic engineering are self-inflicted threats to humanity

Take an Amusing Architectural Tour of Postapocalyptic Manhattan

The funeral as we know it is dying — just in time for a death boom

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