Day the Earth Changed to 1952 UFO Frenzy (Planet Earth Report)

Earth from ISS


The “Planet Earth Report” connects you to headline news on the science, technology, discoveries, people and events changing our planet and the future of the human species.


Hindsight 2070: We asked 15 experts, “What do we do now that will be considered unthinkable in 50 years?” Here’s what they told us.

Cars dominate cities today. Barcelona has set out to change that –The city is creating a network of walkable, mixed-use “superblocks.

“The Day the Earth Changed” –Unveiled by a Young 31-Kilometer-Wide Greenland Crater

China Close to Launching Its “Artificial Sun” –‘Limitless Clean Energy’

The Disturbing Walrus Scene in Our Planet –A shocking sequence shows the huge mammals scaling steep cliffs, then falling to their death.

Past as Prelude? –“How Life on Earth Nearly Ended 250 Million Years Ago”

Earth’s Quietest Place Will Drive You Crazy in 45 Minutes

“Ghost Sapiens” –A Third Extinct Species of Hybrid Human Discovered

A VR Model of Auschwitz Helps Catch Nazis



In China, an App About Xi Is Impossible to Ignore — Even if You Try

Human Consciousness –“The Big Bang is Easier to Comprehend”

In 1952, ‘Flying Saucers’ Over Washington Sent the Press Into a Frenzy –UFO reports in the capital’s air space set headlines blaring across the nation about ‘disks’ and ‘whatzits’ and mysterious lights.

Should animals, plants, and robots have the same rights as you? –How humanity’s idea of who deserves moral concern has grown — and will keep growing.

Ancient Humans Might Have Had a Marrow Advantage –New evidence suggests that meat wasn’t the key to dramatic cerebral growth.

Scientists reverse memory decline using electrical pulses –Working memory of older group temporarily improves to match younger group in study

It’s disturbingly easy to trick AI into doing something deadly –How “adversarial attacks” can mess with self-driving cars, medicine, and the military.

America’s anti-poor tax audits, in one infuriating map –A map from ProPublica shows who the taxman really inspects.

Netflix’s Our Planet Says What Other Nature Series Have Omitted –In a groundbreaking move, the beautiful but uncomfortable documentary forces viewers to acknowledge their own complicity in the decline of nature.

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