Planet Earth Report –“City Apocalypse, Earth 2100, Impossible 12.0 Earthquake”

Earth from the ISS


The “Planet Earth Report” connects you to headline news on the science, technology, discoveries, people and events changing our planet and the future of the human species.

An Icy Superhighway Once Carried Glaciers From Namibia to Brazil –Researchers matched up a jigsaw puzzle of ice that once flowed between two landmasses now separated by an ocean.

USA Cities “Will Experience Climates with No Modern Equivalent”

“Earth 2100?” –96% of Ocean Life ‘Gasping for Oxygen’ During Great Dying

Antarctica’s most extreme rescue mission –Malcolm Roberts was thousands of miles from the nearest hospital when he suffered severe gastrointestinal bleeding. Could a team of doctors make it in time to save him?

Ancient Earth’s Weakened Magnetic Field May Have Driven Mass Extinction –When our planet’s magnetosphere nearly disappeared 565 million years ago, it may have almost taken all life with it.

South Atlantic Anomaly –The Bermuda Triangle of Space: “A Sign of Imminent Reversal of the Earth’s Magnetic Poles?”

Mudslides, snow, and flash floods: an atmospheric river has soaked California –The storm system stretched hundreds of miles wide and carried as much water as 15 Mississippi Rivers.

“Dinosaurs On the Moon” — The Impossible Magnitude-12 Earthquake That Changed Our World

New Study Looks at Why Neolithic Humans Buried Their Dogs With Them 4,000 Years Ago

Will Apple ban that Saudi app? –Smartphone apps have transformed many areas of our lives, but in Saudi Arabia they are being used to curtail the rights of women.

Do we really live longer than ever before? –The wonders of modern medicine and nutrition make it easy to believe we enjoy longer lives than at any time in human history, but we may not be that special after all.

The Double Life of a California Socialite Who Became a Leading Arctic Explorer –-In the early 20th century, Louise Arner Boyd lived as a philanthropist in the United States and a hero on the high seas.


Earth from Space


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