“Paleo to Present” –Interactive Map Shows Your Location as It Was Over the Past 750 Million Years

Dinosaur Epoch


This could be scary! An amazing new map lets you plug in your address to see how it has changed over the past 750 million years, The interactive tool enables users to hone in on a specific location and visualize how it has evolved between the Cryogenian Period, Earth’s greatest ice age, and the present.

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“Ancient Earth”, the tool behind this epoch-spanning visualization, is the brainchild of Ian Webster, curator of the world’s largest digital dinosaur database, drew on data from the PALEOMAP Project—spearheaded by paleogeographer Christopher Scotese, the initiative tracks the evolving “distribution of land and sea” over the past 1,100 million years.

The Daily Galaxy via Smithsonian Magazine

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Image credit –With thanks to Taylor Hammes 


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