Planet Earth Report –“Mystery Flash on Moon to Existence of ET Intelligence”


Earth from Space


The “Planet Earth Report” connects you to headline news on the science, technology, discoveries, and events changing our planet and the future of the human species.

During the Lunar Eclipse, Something Slammed Into the Moon –A flash spotted on livestreams was likely caused by the crash of a tiny, fast-moving meteoroid left behind by a comet.

Ten Stunning Photos of the Super Blood Wolf Moon Lunar Eclipse

When a Harvard Professor Talks About Aliens –News about extraterrestrial life sounds better coming from an expert at a high-prestige institution.

"Extraterrestrial Highway" Sign on Road

Brain Candy: “The Loophole” –The Discovery That Could Have Predicted Why the Universe Exists

New Prehistoric Shark Species Discovered Alongside Sue the T. Rex –The teeth of Galagadon nordquistae were discovered in the rock that once surrounded the famous T. rex skeleton.

We’re Sitting on a Groundwater ‘Time Bomb,’ Scientists Warn

The World’s Largest Airport-Terminal Building –A look at the construction of Beijing Daxing International Airport, a massive new transportation facility set to open later this year

Beijing Daxing International Airport Under Construction


Scientists Recreate 25-Year Old Freak Wave in a Laboratory for the First Time –For the past 25 years, scientists have struggled to explain how large and unexpected waves are created.

An Unprecedented Surge in Fear of Climate Change 


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