Planet Earth Report –“Milky Way’s Genius Aliens, End of Ice, China Hacks the Planet”

Earth from ISS


The “Planet Earth Report” connects you to the day’s news on the science, discoveries, and events changing our planet and the future of the human species.

Why our galaxy probably isn’t full of alien civilizations killed off by climate change –If extraterrestrials are out there, odds are they’re too clever to have been blindsided by global warming run amok.

When Chinese hackers declared war on the rest of us –Many thought the internet would bring democracy to China. Instead it empowered rampant government oppression, and now the censors are turning their attention to the rest of the world.

China Hacks the Planet


From Jericho to Mexico, walls have been built to stop terrorists, immigrants, armies, drugs, weapons, foreigners, undesired races and creeds and tribes. But do they work?

Pancho Villa, Prostitutes and Spies: The U.S.-Mexico border wall’s wild origins 


US-Mexico Border Wall Historic Photo


Best Photos From China’s Far Side Moon Landing –The Chang’e-4 probe and its rover Yutu-2 are the first spacecraft to land on the little-explored lunar region

China Far Side Lunar Photo

Why China’s electric-car industry is leaving Detroit, Japan, and Germany in the dust –China was no good at cars. Then EVs came along.

China's Auto Industry


The government shutdown has severely weakened cybersecurity in the US –In a stalemate over how best to secure America’s southern border, the Trump administration has endangered the integrity of one of the country’s even more important frontiers.

‘The End of Ice,’ and the Arctic Communities Already Grappling With a Warming World

Arctic Seal Hunt

Why a Medieval Woman Had Lapis Lazuli Hidden in Her Teeth –An analysis of dental plaque illuminates the forgotten history of female scribes.

How ancient remedies are changing modern medicine –Long overlooked by Western science, traditional Chinese treatments are yielding cutting-edge cures.

All aboard the Flat Earth cruise – just don’t tell them about nautical navigation –Flat earthers, who believe the Earth is a large disk, may be shocked to find the ship’s navigation is based on a spherical planet

‘It’s tough sleeping at night’: ranchers seek to protect herds as wolves move in –As wolves arrive in California for the first time since the 1920s, ranchers try non-lethal methods to deter animals once seen as livestock-killing vermin


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