Planet Earth Report–“Dark Overlord Decrypts 9/11 to Earth’s Biggest Secrets in 2019”


9/11 Attack


The “Planet Earth Report” connects you to the days’ headlines on the science, discoveries, and events changing our planet and the future of the human species.

Here are the ways nature could wipe out humanity –Asteroids, gamma rays, and supervolcanoes are all exceptionally rare but could be catastrophic if they happened. An asteroid killed the dinosaurs. Could that happen to us? What about a supervolcanic eruption blocking out the sun? Or a solar flare or nearby supernova event?

The Dark Overlord Decrypts More 9/11 Insurance Files –After apparently raising thousands of dollars through a crowdfunding effort, The Dark Overlord have decrypted a set of the 9/11 attack connected litigation documents.

What humpback whales can teach us about alien languages –How to recognize a potential alien language, in two steps.

This is exactly how a nuclear war would kill you –This is how the world ends — not with a bang, but with a lot of really big bombs.

Why the Far Side of the Moon Matters So Much –China’s successful landing is part of the moon’s long geopolitical history.

Seven expeditions that could reveal some of Earth’s biggest secrets in 2019

How Bitcoin Grew Up –Ten years after the genesis block, bitcoin’s been captured by the system it was supposed to replace

The Solar System as Imagined in 1939 –Artist Charles Bittinger imagined worlds we hadn’t traveled to yet—sometimes with impressive accuracy.

How black holes could power future spacecraft –In theory, we could use high-energy lasers to make our own artificial black holes, potentially capturing the enormous energy they emit.

Image credit top of page: 9/11 With thanks to On This Day

Earth from ISS


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