Planet Earth Report –“Bronze-Age Assassin to Search for Alien Solar Panels”

Earth from ISS


The “Planet Earth Report” connects you to the days’ headlines on the discoveries, people, and events changing our planet and the future of the human species.

The Missions to the Moon That Never Left the Drawing Board –From pioneers of science fiction to the height of the space race, these are the ideas for lunar flight that never launched

The Year in Telling Stories About the Future –Terraform, 2018. Image below: Glenn Harvey/Motherboard


Glenn Harvey/Motherboard

Looking for Solar Panels on Distant Planets –If alien civilizations exist, could we spot their industrial footprints in space?

World’s Oldest-Known Political Murder –The Bronze Age prince of Helmsdorf’s skeleton revealed three brutal injuries, including one that suggests he knew his killer and attempted to fend off the attack

US explorer Colin O’Brady completes first unaided solo trek of Antarctica –Endurance athlete took 54 days to walk 932 miles across frozen continent, dragging a 170kg sled.

US explorer Colin O'Brady


Children’s Personal Data and SSNs Are Being Sold on the Dark Web –The data includes names, phone numbers, addresses, and Social Security Numbers.

Indonesia authorities raise Anak Krakatau volcano threat level –Authorities in Indonesia have raised the danger level for the volcano that triggered a tsunami on Saturday, killing hundreds of people.

Got gorilla milk? Inside America’s largest stockpile of exotic milks –From aardvark to zebra, the National Zoo studies the milk of hundreds of mammal species.


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