Planet Earth Report –“2018’s Top X-File Stories to China’s Dark-Side Spying”


Earth from the ISS


The “Planet Earth Report” connects you to the days’ headlines on the discoveries, people, and events changing our planet and the future of the human species.

Disruptive, disappointing, chaotic: Shutdown upends scientific research

Here’s Why New York City’s Blue-Sky Electrical Explosion Was So Big –Thursday night, an explosion at a Con Edison electrical facility lit up the entire New York City Sky an unsettling shade of aqua.

From the X Files –Top UFO Stories of 2018 The past twelve months saw new revelations about attempts by the government to investigate the enigma, appearances by odd anomalies in the sky over all manner of locations, and intriguing sightings reported by pilots in both the United States and Europe.

Could this Chinese satellite station be used to spy on the U.S.? –Located in a remote region of Argentina, the Chinese government says the station is used to research the dark side of the moon, but experts believe it could be linked to espionage.

What We Learned About Our Human Origins in 2018 –From an upper jaw to red ocher paintings, two Smithsonian scholars note the significant discoveries in human evolution this trip around the sun

See Bolivia’s celebration of human skulls

The West Coast’s biggest bird oasis is dying. Will it be saved? –The struggle to preserve the Salton Sea rages on as its shoreline retreats.

19 bold predictions for science and technology in 2019 –Here’s what thought leaders in innovation expect to see in the coming year.

Finding Ourselves in the Stars -Berkeley SETI


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