Today’s Planet Earth Report –“Hotspot is Melting the South Pole to Multiple Pilots UFO Sightings Over Ireland”



The “Planet Earth Report” connects you to the day’s news headlines on the discoveries, people, and events changing our planet and the future of the human species.

A “Hotspot” is Melting the base of the Antarctic Ice Sheet at the South Pole. The area affected is three times that of Greater London. Scientists suspect a combination of unusually radioactive rocks and geothermal springs may be responsible.

A ‘Time Capsule’ for Scientists, Courtesy of Peter the Great –A Russian zoological museum filled with centuries-old specimens finds renewed relevance in the age of genetics.

From the X Files –Pilots saw a ‘very bright’ UFO streaking over Ireland. Video: If it wasn’t aliens, what was it? ‘And then it just disappeared’: Pilots report UFO sighting from Washington Post

Crossing From Asia, the First Americans Rushed Into the Unknown
Three new genetic analyses lend detail, and mystery, to the migration of prehistoric humans throughout the Western Hemisphere.


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