Today’s “Planet Earth Report” –Blockchain Replaces GPS, 40,000-Year-Old Zodiac, Peak America

A Map That Tracks Everything –Blockchain-based mapping hopes to replace GPS. Can it be trusted?

Rough Drafts of Richard Feynman’s Ideas Head to Auction –The scribblings of a brilliant 20th-century physicist show that he did not get everything right on the first try, either.

Contentious Cave Art Study Claims “Ancient Zodiac” Existed 40,000 Years Ago –In a bold new study, scientists attempt to rewrite the history of astronomy.

NASA Chooses Private Companies for Future Moon Landing –Nine companies will vie for more than $2 billion dollars to build small landers to carry science experiments to the lunar surface.

Night of Camp David: the return of a 1965 book about an insane president Referenced by Bob Woodward, a pulpy thriller about a commander-in-chief losing command of reality is receiving a timely rerelease.


Are we at ‘peak America’?

Earliest evidence for humans on the ‘roof of the world’ found –Thousands of slate artifacts found on the Tibetan Plateau showcase the resiliency of early humans as they fanned out of Africa.

Tokyo’s Underground Cathedral