Sunday’s “Planet Earth Report” –Our Quantum Existence to U.S. Congress Investigating UFOs


The “Planet Earth Report” connects you to the day’s news headlines on the discoveries, people, and events changing our planet and the future of the human species.

Anger as Russia, China block world’s biggest marine sanctuary –The proposed sanctuary would have been five times the size of Germany



The psychology of successful aging –Successful aging can be the norm, says UCLA psychology professor Alan Castel in his new book, “Better with Age: The Psychology of Successful Aging” (Oxford University Press). Castel sees many inspiring role models of aging. French Impressionist Claude Monet, he notes, began his beloved water lily paintings at age 73.

“Schrödinger’s Bacterium” Could Be a Quantum Biology Milestone –A recent experiment may have placed living organisms in a state of quantum entanglement

What’s Wrong with Bananas –How industrial agriculture stole sex from our most important fresh fruit crop.

We Need an FDA For Algorithms –UK mathematician Hannah Fry on the promise and danger of an AI world.

From the X Files: UFO sightings may be falling, but Congress is still paying attention –Renewed US interest could produce some fascinating hearings, but the focus should be on the quality not just the quantity of reported sightings.



US Supreme Court allows historic kids’ climate lawsuit to go forward –Case aims to compel the government to slash greenhouse-gas emissions.






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