Today’s “Planet Earth Report” –‘One-Trillion Humans in the Solar System’ to ‘Earth-Sized Alien Cube’ & Lost World of Volcanoes



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There’s No Planet B.  Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder and technology entrepreneur, has said he hopes to see the Solar System populated by one trillion people.

Neil deGrasse Tyson on the Surprising Alliance Between Astrophysicists and the Military

From the Farside: Did NASA Just film an ‘Earth-sized Alien Cube’ NASA has accidentally filmed a planet-sized alien spacecraft enter and exit the burning corona of the Sun, according to bizarre claims online.  “This is magnificent. This thing this cube – look at the shape of it, look at it – it is perfect.”



Bill Gates launches effort to help the world adapt to climate change Many people are already facing the impacts of a changing climate and need help adjusting now, world leaders assert.

Scientists say they’ve found a lost world of volcanoes near Tasmania 

SETI: Why solar observatory’s mysterious closure sparked talk of aliens Mysterious goings-on at a New Mexico solar observatory was hot news. Had astronomers found a lethal solar flare, or even signs of alien life?



[Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin above; “The dynamism that I have seen over the last 20 years in the internet where incredible things have happened in really short periods of time,” Bezos said. “We need thousands of companies. We need the same dynamism in space that we’ve seen online over the last 20 years. And we can do that.”]

It Will Take Millions of Years for Mammals to Recover From Us  In less than 130,000 years, humans have sawed off the most evolutionarily distinct branches from our family tree.

Did Vesuvius vaporize its victims? Residue on bones from A.D. 79 suggests the eruption boiled people alive. But some experts aren’t convinced the deaths were due to heat alone.

The ‘ugly duckling’ fossil from the deep The mosasaurs recently took a star turn in the Jurassic World movie, showing off the Hollywood version of their fearsome jaws. Now an “ugly duckling” from 85 million years ago is shedding new light on the giant marine reptiles that lived at the time of Tyrannosaurus rex. Scientists have long puzzled over how the diminutive fossil fitted into the family tree

The Warrior Society rises: how a mercury spill in Canada inspired a movement Nearly 50 years ago, a corporation poisoned First Nations people and land. They’re still fighting for justice

Mammals cannot evolve fast enough to escape current extinction crisis  Humans are exterminating animal species so fast that evolution can’t keep up; Unless conservation efforts are improved, so many mammal species will die out during the next 50 years that nature will need 3-5 million years to recover.

Paul Allen death: Bill Gates ‘heartbroken’ by death of Microsoft co-founder at 65

Inside Frankenstein’s Castle The tale of this monster blends myth and reality.


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