Today’s “Planet Earth Report” –Meet the Extraterrestrials, ‘First Man’ Flag Controversy, Congress Interviews Navy Pilots On UFO Incident


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The Absurdity of the First Man Flag Controversy The film is a 141-minute commercial for a uniquely American brand of determination and achievement.


An Apollo 11 astronaut’s footprint in the lunar soil, photographed by a 70 mm lunar surface camera during the Apollo 11 lunar surface extravehicular activity. Neil Armstrong stepped into history July 20, 1969 by leaving the first human footprint on the surface of the moon. The 30th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon mission is celebrated July 20, 1999. (Photo by NASA/Newsmakers)

UFO sightings may be falling, but Congress is still paying attention The Senate Armed Services Committee is looking into a 2004 incident where US Navy pilots flying with the USS Nimitz strike group encountered, chased and filmed fast-moving unidentified objects. Reliable sources say at least two of the military pilots involved have already been interviewed, and a radar operator was subsequently invited to get in touch.

Meet the Extraterrestrials They live thousands of feet below the Earth’s surface. They eat hydrogen and exhale methane. And they may shape our world more profoundly than we can imagine.



Neanderthals Suffered a Lot of Traumatic Injuries. So How Did They Live So Long? Our ancient-hominid relatives seem to have had surprisingly sophisticated health care.

“First Man” and the Sci-Fi–Science Feedback Loop For nearly a century, Hollywood has both drawn from and driven real scientific advances.

Science seeks to unlock marijuana’s secrets As the once-vilified drug becomes more accepted, researchers around the world are trying to understand how it works and how it might fight disease.

Fake moon will shed light on Chinese city A Chinese city is planning to send an artificial “moon” into orbit in 2020 to help light up its streets at night. The scheme follows experiments by Russia in the 1990s in which a 20-meter solar mirror produced a beam just over three miles wide that had the luminosity of about a half moon before it fell out of orbit.

Paul Allen Shows It’s Hard to Give Away $10 Billion The Microsoft co-founder was one of the most prolific philanthropists in the world—but he still died with $20 billion.

Germany deports man convicted over 9/11 attacks The first man to be jailed for his role in the September 11 attacks has been deported from Germany to his native Morocco and barred from going back until he is in his nineties.


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