Today’s “Planet Earth Report” –Stephen Hawking Beyond the Grave, Next Big One, The Liquid Asteroid


The Next Big One? Earthquake Scientists Look to A.I. –Scientists have a miserable record of predicting where and when earthquakes will strike. Some are now turning to artificial intelligence for answers.



How Many Space Stations Does This Planet Need? –The Trump administration wants to shift to a capitalist free-for-all in orbit. But the readiness of commercial space outposts to take NASA’s place is far from certain.

Splosh! How to make a giant impact crater –When the dinosaur-killing asteroid struck Earth, it made billions of tons of rock move like a fluid’


Continent’s oldest spear points provide new clues about the first Americans –A prehistoric site in Texas has yielded two new kinds of projectile point — the power tools of the Pleistocene.

Stephen Hawking’s Final Paper: How to Escape From a Black Hole –In a study from beyond the grave, the theoretical physicist sings (mathematically) of memory, loss and the possibility of data redemption

Plastic particles found in human digestive systems –The scourge of plastic pollution has spread to the human gut, with researchers finding small “microplastic” particles in the digestive systems of people across the globe.


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