Today’s “Planet Earth Report” –Post-Apocalyptic Water Wars to Antarctica’s Sci-Fi Sound Track


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Here’s Where the Post-Apocalyptic Water Wars Will Be Fought A United Nations report published last week said we have about a decade to get climate change under control, which—let’s be honest—isn’t likely to happen. So break out your goalie masks and harpoon guns, a Mad Max future awaits! Now, as new research points out, we even know where on Earth the inevitable water wars are most likely to take place.

Intergalactic light beams might be just the ticket for making contact with space aliens The “Trillion Planet Survey” aims to search the sky for signs of light — and life.

Tech Was Supposed to Be Society’s Great Equalizer. What Happened?

This ‘telepresence system’ lets two people share one body

From the Farside: Famous 86-mile UFO chase in 1966 still defies Air Force ‘explanation’


An Antarctic ice shelf is singing, and it sounds like an eerie sci-fi soundtrack Study co-author Rick Aster holds a broadband seismometer during a station installation trip on the Ross Ice Shelf. The vast Ross Ice Shelf produces tones that vary in response to changing weather conditions.



Watch what happens when a drone smashes into an airplane wing

The Problem with Popular Mechanics’ Love Letter to Elon Musk

Climate stress will make cities more vulnerable The fall of Angkor has long puzzled historians, archaeologists and scientists, but now a University of Sydney research team is one step closer to discovering what led to the city’s demise — and it comes with a warning for modern urban communities


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