“Aliens, Poker, & Probability” –Caltech’s Sean Carroll Interviews Physicist and Professional Poker Player Liv Boeree


Poker, like life, is a game of incomplete information. To do well in such a game, we have to think in terms of probabilities, unpredictable strategies, and Bayesian inference. These are ideas that play a central role in physics and rationality as well as in poker, which makes Liv Boeree such a great person to talk about them.

Host Sean Carroll, a theoretical physicist at Caltech, specializing in quantum mechanics, gravitation, and cosmology, talks with Liv about poker, probability, and the likelihood that aliens exist elsewhere in the universe.

Listen to this episode of Sean’s Mindscape show here

Liv is a professional poker player who studied physics as a university student, and maintains an active interest in science generally and astrophysics in particular.




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