NASA Scientists Seek Fossils of Ancient Mars’ Life –“Was There a Common Ancestor? Maybe We’re All Martians”




NASA scientists must be prepared to look for fossil evidence of bacterial life on Mars dating back three billion years when most of its atmosphere and possibly existing life vanished in the solar wind. Fossils of early bacterial life more than 3.5 billion years ago have been found on Earth. If similar life ever existed on Mars, NASA has a chance of finding a fossil record of it.


Today’s Planet Earth Report” –“There is No Planet B” -French President Macron Challenges Trump’s “Insane” Policies (WATCH Video)




“What is the meaning of our life if we [are] destroying the planet while sacrificing the future of our children?” the French president asked. “Let us face it. There is no planet B.”


“Cosmic Mashup Near the Beginning of Time!” –14 Spectacular Primordial Galaxies Observed in Colossal Collision




"The fact that this is happening so early in the history of the universe poses a formidable challenge to our present-day understanding of the way structures form in the universe," said Scott Chapman, an astrophysicist at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada.


Milky Way May Harbor Several Supermassive Black Holes That Roam the Galaxy


"We estimate that a close approach of one of these wanderers that is able to affect our solar system should occur every 100 billion years or so, or nearly 10 times the age of the universe."


“Unveiled” –Secret Law of Galaxy Clusters



"The law is so simple that we can use it to calibrate cluster mass-observable relations, which are a key ingredient for studying the cosmological laws of the Universe. Our research draws us closer to explaining the evolutionary history of clusters and the Universe," said Yutaka Fujita at Osaka University.



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