Today’s Top Science Headline –The Music of Black Holes: “Vibrate at the Range of Human Hearing”




Scientists collaborating internationally have developed a new way to learn about our universe through gravitational waves, which are ripples in space-time caused by the motion and vibration of celestial bodies. By analogy, gravitational waves are akin to the vibrations carried through the air as sound.

Quite remarkably, black holes, which are the densest objects in the universe formed from dead stars can vibrate and emit gravitational waves at frequencies that are within the range of human hearing once the gravitational waves are detected and amplified by instruments such as the LIGO and Virgo gravitational wave detectors.

The team explored how to make musical instruments based on gravitational waves by mapping a different gravitational wave pattern to each of the 88 keys of a piano, much like a carillon, which has its bells mapped to the batons of a carillon-keyboard. The team relied on theoretical calculations for black hole vibrations to construct their digital black hole instruments.

The Daily Galaxy via Arxiv.Org

Image Credit: LIGO/Caltech/MIT

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